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Oxfam in Nepal
Oxfam has been working in Nepal since the early 1980s undertaking various development initiatives addressing the poverty and injustice faced by women and other socially and economically excluded groups. The level of Oxfam’s engagement increased substantially after restoration of democracy in 1990 as it became easier for civil society to work in the new political environment.

Over the years, Oxfam has worked in partnership with local civil society organisations and the government to promote rural livelihoods, and vulnerable communities’ resilience to climatic shocks and disasters. It has also significantly contributed to empowering community people, especially women, to; negotiate with people in power, influence decision making processes, claim rights and essential services to whic
h they are entitled, demand accountability on the part of duty bearers and engage larger masses in advocacy efforts. Oxfam also worked closely with UNHCR in providing assistance to Bhutanese refugees during the 1990s.

Oxfam and its long term programme partners believe that the underlying structural causes and drivers of poverty must be addressed if improvements in people’s lives are to be broad and lasting. Poverty is not one-dimensional; nor is it purely local in its causes and solutions. Therefore, Oxfam’s work addresses not only material and technical change, but also the related economic, social, institutional and policy changes which are necessary to end poverty and achieve development and wellbeing.

The Oxfam Nepal Vision is: The people of Nepal are empowered and work together to attain a life of dignity with justice and equal rights for all.

The Overall Nepal Programme Goal is: to improve the well being of vulnerable people through strengthening their participation in development and governance processes and reducing poverty and suffering.

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Detailed Job Description / Requirements:

Terms of Reference

Conducting survey and design of community Water supply system 


Oxfam's vision for Nepal is a just society without poverty, in which all women and men live a life of dignity, enjoy their rights and assume their responsibilities as active citizens of Nepal. To contribute to this vision, Oxfam will continue its previous work on governance, gender equality and social inclusion. To this there are three inter-connected program - gender justice, food and economic justice and disaster risk reduction. Oxfam has particularly a strong track record in supporting local partners for service delivery; water supply, sanitation and hygiene. It pioneered the service delivery role of NGOs in the sector and lately has placed an increased emphasis on learning, advocacy and influencing the sector. Oxfam is continuously working on water, sanitation and hygiene which are basic building blocks of public health. 


Sindhupualchowk is one of the severely earthquake affected district. Many water supply schemes, including HH latrines and other structures have been partially and fully damaged. OXFAM in Nepal is working to support the lives of earthquake affected population by providing them safe and adequate water with proper sanitation facilities in coordination with the local government bodies. OXFAM GB in Nepal, Sindhupalchowk is supporting the lives of earthquake affected population by providing them safe and adequate water with the governmental standards. Oxfam is implementing water supply schemes, WASH in School, Construction of Public Latrine and Latrine in Health Post in affected communities to provide access to potable water and improved sanitation. 

This Terms of Reference (ToR) is developed to solicit consultancy services from a qualified consultant (individual/institution)   to undertake selection, detailed feasibility assessment, design estimates, drawings, preparation of BoQs along with report of water supply schemes that covers 15300 beneficiaries on different VDCs of Sindhupalchowk district in consultation with Water Supply and Sanitation Divisional Office Sindhupalchowk and respective VDC. The survey will be conducted at Helambu, Kuil, Kunchowk, Kadambas, Hagam, Pangtang, Baramchi, Tatopani, Chokti and Kalika VDCs & Melamchi and Chautara Municipalities of Sindhupalchowk.

Oxfam GB Nepal and its partners will be closely involved during these surveys. The consultant shall review all recent assessments including Post Disaster Needs Assessment undertaken in the same districts and VDCs. 


The objective of the assignment is to select the water supply schemes that’s covers 15,300 beneficiaries in total, conduct detailed survey, design, cost estimates, drawings, list of item wise materials as well as specification of materials, labor and preparation of BoQs those selected water supply schemes in OXFAM’s working VDCs in Sindhupalchowk. Survey and design of water supply system in Oxfam GB Nepal’s targeted response areas. This survey will inform the response priorities and plans and decision making to implement of water supply project. 


  • Selection of Water Supply Schemes in the above mention VDCs and Municipalities that covers 15,300 beneficiaries 
  • Conduct detail survey of the selected Water Supply Scheme and prepare design, cost estimates, drawings list of item wise materials as well as specification of materials, labor and preparation of BOQs of selected water supply schemes along with reports of gravity flow water supply system and private connection water supply system with appropriate technology. 
  • Ensure quality assurance of survey and design prepared, check validity of data surveyed; triangulate and verify where needed.
  • Develop and finalize all necessary tools and methodology for survey. 
  • Manage all required human resources, survey equipments and tools to carry out the detail survey. 
  • Ensure that technical aspects along with social dynamics, gender, social inclusion and protection issues are well documented during the detail survey and in the report.
  • Provide comprehensive report with reliable survey data, design and BoQ and referring current district rate (Sindhupalchowk), recommendations to support in smooth implementation of the projects. 


This study will be based on desk review of recent assessments and the field survey in the selected VDCs. The assessment will involve water supply survey, Each team in the district shall consist of expertise with technical (engineering).The consultant can consider working with youth volunteers for implementation of water supply survey at local level. The consultant shall be responsible for orientating the local volunteers.  

5.1 Coverage for Assessment

Oxfam GB Nepal working VDCs shall be Helambu, Kuil, Kunchowk, Kadambas, Hagam, Pangtang, Baramchi, Tatopani, Chokti and Kalika VDCs & Melamchi and Chautara Municipalities of Sindhupalchowk district.  


6.1. Responsibilities of Consultant 

  • Finalize methodology and work plan in consultation with Oxfam GB Nepal. 
  • Develop appropriate instruments necessary for the assignment.
  • Undertake field visits in the locations selected by Oxfam GB Nepal.
  • Prepare draft report based on Table of Content agreed with Oxfam GB in Nepal, Sindhupalchowk  and debriefing through presentation 
  • Finalize and submit the report incorporating comments from OXFAM GB in Nepal, Sindhupalchowk
  • Be responsible to provide all kind of supports during implementation, if found any confusions, missing or mistakes in technical report. 

6.2 Responsibilities of Oxfam GB Nepal 

  • Provide support on finalization of the methodology 
  • Select VDCs/municipalities and districts for assessment 
  • Provide Oxfam relevant internal documents 
  • Provide timely inputs and comments on draft reports 


  • An inception report and presentation after a week from signing of the contract that explains; understanding of the assignment, detail methodology with all necessary instruments and timeline for commencing of the assignment. 
  • A draft report is expected by 27th February, 2017. 
  • A high quality comprehensive final report comprising of (Survey data, designs, estimates with material breakdown and full specification of materials and drawings) with strong recommendations to support in implementation along with all other supporting documents by 10th March, 2017.


  The consultant will report to Oxfam GB in Nepal, Sindhupalchowk’s WASH Team Leader.  


The consultant is expected to undertake the assignment from 1st week of February, 2017 with draft report completed by 1st week of March, 2017 followed up by final report with all supporting documents on Mid March, 2017. The total duration of this contract will be 40 days.


No of days required


Preparation of equipments and necessary items for survey and deploy to field

4 days


Detail survey of water supply schemes

2 weeks


Preparation of Detail Design, BOQs, Detail Estimate of the material and cost of project, material specification and other necessary supporting documents along with draft report.

2 weeks


Review of Final report and return back to consultant with comments for preparation of final report

3 days


Final report submission

 3 days



  • The consultant/consulting firm should have experience on qualitative and quantitative Water supply engineer; clear understanding on survey, design and experiences on community pumping water supply system and private connection water supply system design and techniques. proposal without giving any verbal and /or written rationale

All reports and documents prepared during the assignment Team Leader should have at least relevant Masters Degree with extensive experiences on undertaking similar assessments. The team members should have of technical (civil engineering) and social expertise. Experience in WASH, emergency, disaster risk reduction will be an added advantage. 


  • Oxfam GB reserves the right to accept & reject if any
  • Oxfam will evaluate not only in bidding amount but also evaluate on basis of performance, timely delivery and quality of service. 
  • will be treated as Oxfam’s property
  • Oxfam will provide additional Tax and VAT at source according to the government policy.
  • If any disputes arise, both parties will sit together and settle down in mutual understanding and agreement or otherwise free to seek the legal treatment. 


Payment will be released after submitting outcomes as described in article 7 above. Government of Nepal's tax regulation will apply. 

All the accommodation and fooding charges need to be managed by Consultant itself from the same budget. Consultant is proposed to prepare similar report of all selected water supply schemes separately.

Detail Breakdown of the Project




Working Days





Team Leader






Civil Engineer





Sub Engineer















Stationary, Photocopy, printing





Volunteers for survey






Survey Tools and equipments









VAT and local taxes will be added in the estimated cost


Grand Total


 Mode of Payment





Signing the contract for the assigned task

20 %


Detailed methodology of carrying out assignment and inception report

30 %


Draft Strategic Solid Waste Management Plan with design of selected Landfill site along with other supporting documents

30 %


Final Report (English and Nepali) along with other supporting document

20 %

 9. Response

The Consulting Institute/Firm should submit a proposal to Oxfam by 18 January 2017 via mail to recruitment_nepal@oxfam.org.uk, clearly mentioning the title of assignment in their email subject line with following attached documents: 

  • Detailed technical and financial proposal including work schedule and methodology
  • Updated CV of Lead consultants
  • Company registration certificate
  • VAT Registration Document
  • Latest TAX Clearance Certificate (2072-73)  

Note: The interested Firms/Institutes will be kept in our roster of OXFAM for similar future consultancy requirement.  


Oxfam GB reserves the right to alter the dates of the timetable.

OXFAM GB may cancel or postpone the Call for Proposal but notice will be provided to bidder.

Oxfam GB does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any Call for Proposal.

Oxfam GB is in no way responsible for the cost of preparation of the Call for Proposal response

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