Wholesale Vegetable Market Research Consultant(s)

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Detailed Job description / requirements:

POSITION TITLE:  Wholesale Vegetable Market Research Consultant(s)

LOCATION: Dhangadhi, Kailali

REPORTS TO:  Cluster Business Manager


Winrock International is implementing USAID funded Knowledge-based Integrated Sustainable Agriculture in Nepal, (KISAN II) in twenty-four Hill and Terai districts in the Central, Western, Mid-Western and Far-Western regions of the country for over a five-year period. The project’s overall goal is to increase the resilience, inclusiveness and sustainability of income growth through agriculture development. KISAN II will work with the private sectors such as lead firms, input suppliers, wholesalers and traders to catalyze agricultural productivity, competitive market systems, a stronger enabling environment, business and literacy skills for households in Zones of Influence.

KISAN II follows a market systems development approach to strengthen and improve agriculture markets, improve value chain efficiency and manage unexpected shocks. To ensure that, it is necessary to identify and understand the demand, opportunities and constraints of concerned value chain, key actors involved and provide the best alternatives/interventions for efficient functioning of market system benefitting all the actors. 


In the fiscal year 2015/16, 4.56 billion rupees worth of vegetables was imported from only five major customs (Nepalgunj, Bhairahawa, Birgunj, Kailali, Kanchanpur) of Nepal which is about 20.25% increase since 2013/14 . In addition to this, according to Nepal Rastra Bank, Nepal imports 1-2 billion rupees worth of vegetables in the period of one month from mid-September to mid-October during the Dashain and Tihar festivals. The cereal industry follows a same fate where Nepal’s imports of cereals increased by 9 percent to Rs. 35.09 billion in the first eleven months of fiscal year 2015/16 .

On the other hand, the national production of vegetables is also in an increasing trend. Nepal produced 2,190,000 MT of fresh vegetables in 2014/15 which is a 66% increase since 2005/06 and the land under vegetable cultivation has increased to 66,937 ha in 2014/15, which is a 41% increase since 2005/06 . A rapid market assessment conducted in 2018, showed that about a total of 6509 MT (45%) of total vegetable traded at Mahendranagar market was imported from India, remaining 55% was supplied from domestic production. Similarly, a rapid assessment showed that Attariya wholsesale market, imported a total of 33,460 Mt (63%) of vegetables including onions and potato from India, in 2018. These figures need comprehensive verification and validation to see the real trend of import from India. 

This relation shows that there is a growing market for vegetables, but the growing demand is not being fulfilled by the national production. Thus, there is a great opportunity to the farmers, to increase the production and productivity of vegetables, cereals and livestock products, to meet the domestic demand at national and local level, in turn, increase their income. 

[1]Export Potential of Fresh Vegetables t India and Other Countries, Sawtee, 2017 (http://www.sawtee.org/publications/Policy-Brief-33.pdf)

[1] Nepal imports vegetables worth Rs 2 billion from India every annual festive season, Online Khabar, 2017 (http://english.onlinekhabar.com/2017/09/14/406655.html)

[1] Import of cereals increases by 9%, The Rising Nepal, 2016 (http://therisingnepal.org.np/index/news/12713)

[1] Statistical Information on Nepalese Agiculture, Agri-business Promotion and Statistics Division, MoAD 2014/15 

To tap into this opportunity, KISAN II is continuously, trying to analyze the current market scenario and gaps in the vegetable sector, and collaborate with different value chain actors based on the opportunity to contribute in efficient, inclusive and sustainable market system development. Thus, KISAN II, wants to hire market research consultant to conduct a comprehensive study of Attariya wholesale market and Mahendranagar Auction market; to identify the demand and supply status, quantity and seasonality of the vegetables supplied from domestic producers and imported from India.

As the wholesale markets are the major absorber of domestic and imported agricultural goods (vegetables); the responsibility of the market research consultant will be to research and analyze the Attariya wholesale and Mahendranagar Auction markets, in terms of it’s; 

  • current demand and supply of vegetables, 
  • seasonal fluctional in demand and supply, 
  • supply points and supply chains,
  • information flow mechanism,
  • seasonal price schedule, 
  • different types of existing backward and forward linkages practiced by the wholesalers, 
  • key challenges faced by different value chain actors and 
  • opportunities to intervene to make the market more efficient, inclusive and sustainable. 


The primary purpose of this assignment is to assess 2-wholesale markets (Attariya whole sale market and Mahendranagar Auction Market); to identify its demand and supply in terms of quantity and quality of vegetables and develop a concise market research report for knowledge management and sharing. Specifically; 

  • Identify the seasonal demand and supply of vegetables and supply chain in proposed market centers
  • Assess the capacity of the wholesale market, wholesalers and their market linkages (backward and forward)
  • Assess the quality and quantity of domestic supply, seasonal supply from domestic producers, import from Indian suppliers in case of vegetables, in these major markets
  • Assess different types of facilitative backward integration implemented by the wholesalers (contract farming, technical support, inputs support, demonstration and training etc)
  • Identify the key constrains and opportunities at the wholesale level, to intervene on private sector lead approach, to make the market more efficient, inclusive and sustainable.


1.Wholesale Market 

  1. Develop an inventory of wholesalers in the major markets
  2. Identify their capacity (volume and transaction) and network including their infrastructure,
  3. warehousing and transportation
  4. Governance of the wholesale market 

2.Individual Wholesaler

  1. Identify their capacity (volume and transaction) and network
  2. Identify wholesalers who practice grading, sorting and cater to high value market
  3. Outline the flow of vegetables (monthly else seasonally) to identify the production and consumption pockets
  4. Identify the sourcing of the vegetables
  5. Identify the types of linkages between wholesaler and producers
    1. Categorize the type of linkages (only trader-supplier, buyback guarantee, support in technology, etc.)
    2. Analyze the strengths and weakness of each linkage
  6. Identify the constrains of the wholesalers and potential opportunities for KISAN II to intervene in
    1. Identify potential wholesalers interested in expanding their horizon and strengthening their linkages with farmer groups 

3.Import analysis

  1. Analyze the seasonal inflow of imported vegetables in wholesale markets and quantify them


At the end of the 30-day work period, the consultant should deliver the following

  1. A study framework describing the tools and methodologies of market research
  2. A draft report and presentation to KISAN II team
  3. A final written report in English incorporating suggestions from KISAN II project. The final report shall include all agreed components, including; 
    1. The list of potential wholesalers for collaboration for different value chain in each wholesale market; 
    2. potential areas to intervene in the market system, 
    3. possible approaches to strengthen domestic supply of vegetable and cereals to replace imports.
    4. 2-page summary on the key findings of the study- New business opportunities for private sector actors in the wholesale market.


The Market Research Consultant will be stationed at KISAN II office, Dhangadhi, Kailali. Travel within project site will be provided by the KISAN II project.


A potential market research consultant will have following qualification and competencies; 

  • At least Master’s degree in agriculture, Agribusiness, Agri-Economics, Agri-marketing or Business Management.
  • At least 5 years of relevant work experience, with enough practical work in agricultural market, agribusiness and market system research.
  • Sound knowledge of written and verbal communication skills in Nepali and English. 
  • Experienced in developing quality technical and research reports. 
  • Previous working experience with the USAID funded projects will be a plus.


The LoE of this assignment is 30 days to cover both market study (Attariya whole sale market and Mahendranagar Auction Market). Interested Consultant can apply either for both market study or one market. As of USAID compliance, Consultant is expected/allowed to work 6 days a week. 


Issuance of this notice does not obligate Winrock International to award a Consultancy Service, nor will Winrock International pay any costs associated with the preparation or submission of application.  Furthermore, Winrock International reserves the right to reject any and all applications, if such action is considered to be in the best interest of Winrock International.  The consultancy service is contingent upon donor approval.

Applicants should submit:

  • Application letter clearly indicating providing service for the study of both two market or one market study (Attariya whole sale market and Mahendranagar Auction Market)
  • CV
  • Expected gross daily rate (copy of VAT certificate is must if the total consultancy value exceeds NRs. 500,000)
  • For official travel and stay (means of transportation, lodging, per diem) will be applicable/paid as per KISAN II norms in addition to daily rate. 
  • copy of contract/agreement, or other proof of documents of two latest assignments.
  • Name of two referees

How to Apply:

Interested candidates can post the required documents to Jobs.KISAN@winrock.org within December 10, 2019. Applicants should reference Consultant-Wholesale VegetableMarket Research in the subject line. Applications received after the stipulated date will not be entertained.

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