Terms of Reference (TOR) for providing Digital Skills Trainings to Teachers

Working for Access and Creation Nepal (WAC Nepal) Achham

Working for Access and Creation, Nepal (WAC- Nepal) a non-government organization, has been working in the field of Livelihood, WASH and Sanitation, quality education, Disaster Risk Management/Climate change Adaptation, Good governance and Right Protection and Institutional Capacity development.

Detailed Job description / requirements:

WAC Nepal Achham

Terms of Reference (TOR) for providing Digital Skills Trainings to Teachers 

Introduction of WAC Nepal Achham

The Working for Access and creation Nepal (WAC-Nepal) is an independent registered non-government and nonprofit civil society organization. It has been established on 06/08/2054 BS. by the General Meeting at Sanfebagar Town, attended many surrounding villages elite persons from Hilly areas at Achham of Nepal. This NGO was formed according to the willingness of the community people in a view to deal with the present socio-economic problems in different villages by means of good understanding and sharing the problems each other and to find out the best way of solving the problems through free discussion and people participation in the decision making and get-together under the organization.

Working for Access and Creation Nepal (WAC-Nepal) is very familiar NGO in hilly part of Far western region in Nepal. WAC Nepal Started its journey facing several ups and downs throughout the Maoist insurgency period in Achham. However, WAC Nepal started its project cycle as OCWAC-Achham [Oppressed Class and Women awareness Center] from 2054BS. Later, on the 5th General Assembly of OCWAC widening its horizon through involvement of educated, dynamic and like-minded youth working in the development sector, got together to reactivate the organization, for addressing the most urgent and pressing needs of the community people of Nepal specially in Achham. True to this spirit the organization was named Working for Access and Creation Nepal, [WAC Nepal].

In 1997 after registering in DAO Achham, SWC and Tax office it is dedicated to social service through inception to till dated by carrying the vision of “envisages to creating the prosperous society”. Especially WAC-Nepal implements its programs for social development and advocates to the direct participation of Children women and Deprive community (CWDs) Deprive community means Dalit, backward group marginalized/vulnerable community, isolated community etc who are behind of Development aspect of socially, economically and geography}. It is very familiar NGO in Sudurpachchim province of Nepal as continue serving to target community by widening its horizon of work in coordination and collaboration with different GO/I/NGO’s focusing rural people who have lower social-economic status with facing different social illogicality/absurdities. While going ahead WAC has been playing important roles and responsibilities and possibilities for the people. In the present context of WAC Nepal, all the activities of the organization are focused on democratic exercise and organizational development of human right in participation of civil society in health, education, sustainable livelihood with covering as governance, GESI and CC/DRR as crosscutting issues.

Background information/context

WAC Nepal has been implementing POWER 4 AY project in partnership with Save the Children, Nepal in in Achham. Similarly, the project is being implemented in Dailekh by Everest Club, in Surkhet by SAC Nepal and in Banke by SDF. The project envisions to improve the wellbeing of adolescents and youth (AYs) most impacted by inequality and discrimination in Banke, Surkhet, Dailekh and Achham Nepal.  The project is being implemented in  Mangalsen and Panchadewal Binayak Municipality of Achham; Dullu and Narayan Municipality of Dailekh; Barahatal Rural Municipality and Birendranagar Municipality of Surkeht and Nepalgunj sub-metropolitan city of Banke. The project aims to improve enrolment rate and retention rate of the adolescent youths in the formal education focusing to grade 9 to 12. The project has envisioned to retain children at schools through the bursary support. Additionally, the project aims to develop the capacity of teachers on digital skill. 

Enabling Teachers seeks to develop teachers’ competencies and ensure they have the enabling environment required for their motivation and success so that children learn from a quality education. One of the key interventions of the project is to support different types of continuous teacher professional development support and enhance their skills of handling of digital learning portal, that include use of various digital devices, learning and teaching apps, platform and using its for pedagogical practices. 

Implementing information and communications technology (ICT) in education in Nepal is very important in Nepal. The ICT Masterplan (2013-17) considered use of ICT in education as one of the strategies to achieve the broader goals of education. The School Sector Development Plan (SSDP) 2016-23 aims to use ICT as a significant tool to improve classroom delivery, maximize access to teaching learning materials and enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of educational governance and management. Similarly, digital skill of the teachers is one of the competencies of Teachers’ Competency, 2072.

Unless the teachers are fully comfortable and confident with new approach to teaching using ICT, the initiative will have limited impact on the teaching-learning process. It is also essential to reassure the teachers that Information and Communications Technology-based education only changes their role, rather than minimizing or eliminating their role altogether. 

There is a global shortage of motivated and well-trained teachers who are able to provide the quality teaching and learning required for girls and boys to learn and succeed. The teaching using ICT is proven as a success tool, but the teachers are not using ICT while teaching leaning process. For this, the teacher needs capacity on digital skill to support them delivering pedagogical skill. Digital skills are defined as a range of abilities to use digital devices, communication applications, and networks to access and manage information. It is the part of the teachers’ life during CoVID-19 pandemic.  

Objective of the assignment: 

The Service provider/Consultant is responsible for providing sessions to community schools teachers and project staff as: 

  • Organize five days virtual teachers’ training on digital skill linking to deliver pedagogical skills on the below mentioned contents. There will be 56 teachers/ head teachers from 28 schools working schools of seven local levels. There may be additional 10-12 project staffs. The training will be of at least 2.5 hours per session/day.
  • Connect teachers in the virtual community of practice for their learning, sharing the challenges and peer/expert lead learning and application of the skill.

The following will be the key contents of the training:

    a.   Handling digital devices

    b.   Google tools and drive

    c.   Managing Virtual Classrooms

    d.   Online teaching learning / pedagogical process

    e.   Digital library

    f.   E-portfolio and assessment

    g.   Use of virtual learning platform 

    h.   Safeguarding risks and mitigation strategies while taking online classes

Location and official travel involved

The consultant has to deliver the training through virtual mode for not more than 30 participants/per groups for total 60 participants divided in 2 groups. 

Services the Service provider/ Resource Person /Trainer will provide

The consultant is responsible to the following:

  • Develop a detailed workplan highlighting the key delivery dates, collect feedback and finalization.
  • Develop key contents of the training and finalize in consultation with Save the Children
  • Develop hands-out of the key interventions to share the participants
  • Finalize the list of the teacher and communicate to them in collaboration with WAC Nepal
  • Organize teacher training to the teachers in 2 groups finalized in support from WAC Nepal
  • Prepare training completion report and share to WAC Nepal
  • Connect teachers in the virtual learning platform after completing the training

Experience and skill set required

  • At least Master's in education and having in-depth knowledge pedagogical skill.
  • Two years’ experience of facilitating virtual training to teachers on digital skills.
  • Two years’ experience of designing and developing training contents and manual and facilitating the teacher training
  • Having the practical knowledge to be delivered in the virtual classrooms to the teachers of the remote
  • Demonstrating skills to maintain positive relations with the teachers
  • Having skill and knowledge on the child safeguarding risks and mitigating strategy while conducting online classes

Expected Deliverable 

WAC-Nepal Achham expects the following deliverable to be provided:

S.NDeliverable title
1Meeting with WAC Nepal Achham and Save the Children
Virtual meeting with WAC Nepal Achham and SCI, and discussion on workplan along with key contents, review and discussion if any changes needed
At least 3 times after agreement
2Finalize the teacher list and groups
The list of the teachers having their name, name of school, contact number and the email address will be collected by WAC Nepal
12th February 2022
3Finalize the contents and training manual
Discussion with WAC Nepal and SCI and considering the above key contents
15th February 2022
4Conduction of training and linking to pedagogy skills
Conduction of the training- 5 days with at least 2.5 hours per day. The training is planned to conduct virtually and can be conducted both groups parallel 
15th - 24th February 2022
5Submission of final task completion report
Covering all the contents, deliverable, learning and recommendation
25th February 2022


The assignment is proposed to be completed in 10 days

Estimated Commencement Date: 10th February 2022

Estimated End Date: 25th February 2022

Out of Scope:  N/A

Status updates/reporting

The consultant will report to the Project Coordinator of WAC Nepal Achham.

General assumptions and dependencies 

The consultant will consult with SCI technical team during following deliverable 

  • WAC Nepal will support to prepare the list of the teachers.

Budget and payment information

  • The payment will be made after the completion of all the deliverable and submission of reports.
  • The Tax on remuneration, allowances, transportation or if any heading will be deducted from Resource Person / Trainer Pay / remuneration before final settlement as per the prevailing Nepal Government taxation rate and rule

Other important information

The sub-contracting from the consultant for the services is not acceptable.

How to apply for the services

Interested team of professional experienced consultants should submit below mentioned documents on 5th February 2022.

Filled out Consultancy Proposal Form (enclosed with this ToR)

  • A complete proposal stating the methodology of implementation, procedure, timeline, content of training and linking digital skill  linking to deliver pedagogical skills 
  • CV(s) of the proposed consultant(s) with full date of birth in dd/mm/yyyy format. 
  • For firms: Copies of- Firm registration certificate, VAT registration certificate, and latest Tax clearance certificate. For firms that are tax exempted by the government, a copy of tax exemption certificate should be submitted.
  • For Individuals (Nepali): Copies of citizenship certificate and VAT registration certificate. 
  • An application letter including remuneration requirements (daily rate) and total cost charged by Individual or firm for the stated task and contact information for three work-related referees
  • List three relevant examples of gender norms work. Include link to website when possible.
  • Applications not including all of the above information will not be reviewed. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

For Consultancy proposal form can download in the given link below;


Note: This Terms of Reference (TOR) for Service provider/ Resource Person/ Trainer, is annexed part of Resource Person Hiring Contract of Digital Skill Training organized by WAC Nepal Achham 

Proposals should be submitted to the following address via email: 

To : wacnepal.vacancy@gmail.com

CC : wac.mahadev@gmail.com

For more information and queries

WAC Nepal Achham

Tel: +977-097590145, 9848444408, 9849515946

The deadline for responses is: 8th February 2022

Job Overview

Category Development / NGO
Openings 1
Position Type Contract
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Posted Date 27 Jan, 2022
Apply Before 05 Feb, 2022
City Achham