Terms of Reference (TOR) for Facilitating Teacher Refresher Training on Early Grade Maths

Everest Club

Detailed Job description / requirements:

Everest Club Dailekh 

Terms of Reference (TOR) for Facilitating Teacher Refresher Training on Early Grade Maths

Introduction of Everest Club, Dailekh

Everest Club was established in 1993 as a non-profit organization for cultural and social service provider, especially development of health, education, sanitation, agriculture promotion, WASH promotion, natural economy, social empowerment, disaster risk reduction and climate change adoption, etc in Dailekh, Kalikot, Jumla, jajarkot Districts as per aspiration of Karnali.

From the beginning, it has been working to implement sustainable development with primary focus on the deprived and disadvantaged community by qualified, experienced professional and dedicated young hands. Now NGO is working for creation of self- reliance society through improve their (Focused community) socio-economic status. Everest club is working in the area of renewal energy promotion, WASH promotion, drinking water scheme functionality, income generation, sustainable soil management, small irrigation; Marketing, advocacy and networking, empowerment and organization development to creation of self- reliance society through improve their (Focused community) socio-economic status.

Introduction to the project

Everest Club is implementing ‘Knowledge based Initiative for Reinforcing Resilience through Integrated Actions in Nepal (KIRAN)’ project in two municipalities: Aathbis (four wards-4, 5, 6, 7) and ChamundaBindrasaini (one ward-5) Municipality of Dailekh District of Karnali Province in partnership with Save the Children. The project is integrated project covering education, child protection, livelihood, and resilience components and being implemented from 1st February 2021 to 31 January 2024. The project aims - Children from the most deprived and vulnerable families are educated, protected and their families are economically resilient. Based on the goal of the project, it intends the improvement of learning achievement through teachers' capacity building and improvement in classroom environment. The capacity building of teachers is the part of Enabling Teachers common approach of Save the Children. Similarly, the project contributes to the literacy boost and numeracy boost common approaches.


Enabling Teachers seeks to develop teachers’ competencies and ensure they have the enabling environment required for their motivation and success so that children learn from a quality education. One of the key interventions of the project is to support different types of continuous teacher professional development support and enhance their skills of EGR and Early Grade Maths.

Numeracy Boost is Save the Children’s innovative, evidence-based response to an alarming global trend – the rise in the numbers of children finishing primary school who are unable to perform basic numeracy skills well enough to learn. Over half of the world’s school-aged children are not learning basic numeracy skills. In the context of Nepal, the learning performance of grade 3 children is not satisfactory. On average, each student of grade 3 was able to solve about 43.5% of the reading-related problems whereas the achievement in numeracy is about six percent point less than that of reading achievement i.e. 37.22% . Using evidence from different research, Save the Children designed Numeracy Boost.

Numeracy boosts covers three components which are 1) Student Assessment, 2) Teacher Training, and 3) Community Actions. Similarly, it promotes three core domains Numbers and operations: measurement and geometry. Therefore, Everest Club (EC) has planned to provide training to 25 teachers from 25 working schools based on the above skills/domains including the provisions mentioned by the Integrated Curriculum. Hence, EC is seeking one competent consultant/facilitator to facilitate one event of four days training in early grade reading.

Objective of the assignment:

  • Facilitate one of four days face to face teacher training on Early Grade Mathsat Rakam Karnali (Aathbis Municipality) of Dailekh. The training will be targeted to the teachers teaching Mathseither in grade 1 or 2 or 3. 
  • The following will be the key contents of the training:
    • Concept of Early Grade Maths
    • Number and Operations
    • Measurement
    • Geometry
    • Materials constructions
    • Student's Assessment based on the integrated curriculum 
    • Integration Maths to other subjects 

Location and official travel involved

The consultant has to deliver the face-to-face training at Aathbis Municipality of Dailekhdistricts Karnali State of Nepal. There will be 25 participants in the training. The training should run at least 8 hours a day including breakfast and lunch time (starting from 9 am to 5 pm).

The consultant should manage plane fare (if needed), vehicle/travel cost to Rakam, lodging and dinner but the facilitator will take day package (breakfast, lunch,++) with the participants which will not be considered as the consultancy cost.

Services the Service provider/ Resource Person /Trainer will provide

The consultant is responsible to the following:

  • Develop a detailed workplan highlighting the key delivery dates including the pre-test and post-test. 
  • Develop key contents of the training and finalize in consultation with Save the Children
  • Develop hands-out of the key interventions to share to the participants
  • Develop maths skill-based learning materials based on the content.
  • Prepare training completion report and share to Everest Club

Experience and skill set required

  • At least Master's in education and having in-depth knowledge Early Grade Maths and pedagogical skill.
  • Two years’ experience of facilitating training on EGM based on integrated curriculum.
  • Two years’ experience of designing and developing training contents and manual and facilitating the teacher training
  • Having the practical knowledge to develop learning materials based on EGM content.
  • Having knowledge and skill on students' assessment based on Integrated Curriculum
  • Demonstrating skills to maintain positive relations with the teachers
  • Having skill and knowledge on the child safeguarding risks and mitigating strategy

Expected Deliverable

Everest Club Dailekh expects the following deliverable to be provided:


Deliverable title




Meeting with Everest Club Dailekh and Save the Children

Virtual meeting with Everest Club Dailekh and SCI, and discussion on workplan along with key contents, review and discussion if any changes needed

At least 3 times after agreement


Finalize the contents and refresher training manual/ hands out

Discussion with Everest Club Dailekh and SCI and considering the above key contents

29th Jan 2023


Facilitating teachers refresher training at Rakam Karnali

Conduction of the training- 4 days face-to-face teacher training,

3rd Feb 2023 to 6th Feb 2023


Submission of final task completion report

Covering all the contents, deliverable, learning and recommendation

15th Feb 2023


The assignment is proposed to be completed in 6 days

Estimated Commencement Date: 29th Jan 2023

Estimated End Date: 15th Feb 2023

Out of Scope:  N/A

Status updates/reporting

The consultant will report to the KIRAN Project:-Program Manager of Everest Club Dailekhwho is based at Aathbis Municipality.

General assumptions and dependencies

The consultant will consult with SCI technical team during following deliverables. Everest Club Dailekh and Save the Children will provide support to the consultant.

  • Everest Club Dailekh will support to prepare the list of the teachers.

Budget and payment information

  • The payment will be made after the completion of all the deliverable and submission of reports.
  • The Tax on remuneration, allowances, transportation or if any heading will be deducted from Resource Person / Trainer Pay/remuneration before final settlement as per the prevailing Nepal Government taxation rate and rule

Other important information

The sub-contracting from the consultant for the services is not acceptable.

How to apply for the services

Qualified and interested firms/individual are requested apply with below mentioned documents. and application letter to the email address everestclub.supplychain@gmail.com addressing to The Supply Chain Department, Everest Club or submit the hard copy to Everest Club, District Office, Narayan Municipality-1, Naya Bazar, Dailekh by 26th Jan 2023, 5 pm.

Filled out Consultancy Proposal Form (enclosed with this ToR)

  • A complete proposal stating the methodology of implementation, procedure, timeline, content of training onEGM.
  • CV(s) of the proposed consultant(s) with full date of birth in dd/mm/yyyy format. 
  • For firms: Copies of- Firm registration certificate, VAT registration certificate, and latest Tax clearance certificate. For firms that are tax exempted by the government, a copy of tax exemption certificate should be submitted.
  • For Individuals (Nepali): Copies of citizenship certificate and VAT registration certificate.
  • An application letter including remuneration requirements (daily rate) and total cost charged by Individual or firm for the stated task and contact information for three work-related referees
  • List three relevant examples of gender norms work. Include link to website when possible.
  • Applications not including all of the above information will not be reviewed. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Please go through the link below to download the  consultancy proposal form:


Note: This Terms of Reference (TOR) for Service provider/ Resource Person/ Trainer, is annex part of Resource Person Hiring Contract of EGR training organized by Everest Club Dailekh 

Proposals should be submitted to the following address via email: 

to everestclub.supplychain@gmail.com

For more information and queries

Everest Club Dailekh

Tel: +977-089420257/9/9848180234/9851198696

The deadline for responses is: 26th Jan 2023

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