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Title: Consultancy assignment for Conducting SAP (Structural Analysis Program) Training 

Extended Proposal Submission Deadline: 31 October 2018 

Those who have submitted the proposal before does not need to re-submit.

  Send Proposal to: 




 Terms of Reference (ToR) 


A major earthquake, measuring 7.8 magnitudes, struck off Gorkha, 80km northwest of Kathmandu on 25th April 2015 and a major aftershock, measuring 7.3 magnitudes, followed with the epicentre at Dolakha district, on 12th May 2015, left over half a million homes destroyed and many additional households damaged beyond repair requiring complete demolition. About 152,389 buildings damaged, 1,732 human lost their lives and around 13,000 people injured in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur districts combined which are out of the 14 severely affected districts identified by the government of Nepal.

The earthquake recovery and reconstruction program is taking pace and we are on the right track in supporting community reconstruction and resettlement However, still in order to implement our program as soon as possible in the agreed timeline, we need to overcome many challenges, one of which is the monsoon. Besides the delivery, capacity building of OXFAM staffs is also major area of activity. Structural analysis of building systems(both framed and load bearing) and understanding their relationships is important for shelter practitioners to overcome design related challenges in any circumstances. The monsoon time is the ideal time for organizing such trainings. Structural Analysis Program (SAP) is a general purpose finite element analysis program for structural analysis. The program can analyze structures that are subject to either static or dynamic loads. The structures can be described in terms of truss, frame, plate, shell, or combinations of elements. 

Objectives of the Assignment

The main objective of this consultancy assignment is to deliver the training to Oxfam Staff in order to develop their understanding on the basic operating knowledge of SAP for static analysis of RCC framed structure as well as wall building as per Nepal Building Codes (NBC) and Indian Standard Codes (IS). The specific objectives are to 

  • Review of Structural Systems & Structural Analysis of a building
  • Overview of Structural Analysis using SAP 2000 (Procedures in SAP 2000) 
  • Load Calculations for Project Problem
  • Define and Assign Commands in SAP 2000 

Scope of Services and Tasks and Activities to be completed

The scope of the training will be as follows: 

Content for the training

1.Introduction of building structures using SAP2000:

  1. Introduction to building systems (foundation/ column/ beam/ slab/ staircase)
  2. Basic concept of building design
  3. Introduction to software
  4. Introduction to design codes
    • IS 1893 2016 part 1
    • IS 13920 2016
    • IS 456: 2000
    • IS 875 part 1
    • IS 875 part 2
  5. Main concept in building design using software and manually 

2.Modelling part:

  • Modelling of symmetrical building structures.
  • Modelling of wall system 

3.Defining/assigning part:

  • Defining load pattern and assigning load.
  • Calculation of accurate loads on building structures.
  • Defining load combination according to Nepal standard code and Indian standard code.
  • Calculation of seismic weight and base shear according to Nepal standard code and Indian  standard code.
  • Calculation of fundamental natural period according to Nepal standard code and Indian standard code.
  • Defining mass source according to relevant codes. 

4.Design part:

  • Design of beam
  • Design of columns
  • Design of wall
  • Design of shear wall/retaining wall 

5.Design methods:

  • Linear static method of building design.
  • Dynamic method of building design ( response spectrum method) 

6.Verification/ check part:

  • Percentage of steel of beam and columns
  • Displacement
  • Drift
  • Modal participation mass ratios
  • Torsion
  • Dual system buildings
  • Storey drift
  • Short column effect
  • Weak storey
  • Soft storey
  • Mass irregularities 

7.Detailing part:

  • Ductile detailing of structural members.
  • Preparation of structural drawings. 

Expected Deliverables

  • Identified tools of structural analysis
  • Case study of a structural problem and solution
  • 7 days of training materials (soft and hard copies)
  • Further learning materials (soft or hard copies) 

The reports shall be prepared in English with summary in English. The reporting schedule is as follows:

Final Report (two copies):  within 3 days from the date of completion incorporating the suggestions and comments on draft report and Oxfam. 

All the reports shall be duly signed by the team leader and stamped by the consulting firm.  

Reporting Line Manager

This work is to be delivered to the Oxfam in Nepal and overseen by the Oxfam technical lead. 

Duration: Start date and completion date

The estimated input of the consultant is 7 days. The assignment is expected to start on 1st November 2018 and be finalised by no later than 31st November 2018. 

Detail Budget breakdown






Total Cost



Resource person







Stationary (Diary, pen)







Training materials





Printing, materials, manuals






VAT 13%






Terms of Payment

100% of the total consultancy amount will be paid upon completion of training and submission of final report as per this Terms of reference with full satisfaction evaluated by hiring manager 


  • Experience of Consultancy in Training: 10
  • Experience of Team Leader: 5 
  • Experience of Team member  : 10 
  • Technical Proposal- Methodology : 30
  • Work schedule: 5 

Documents for submission

  • Technical and Financial proposal with the CV of lead Consultants
  • VAT registration certificate 
  • Tax clearance certificate
  • Company Registration Certificate (if applying through company)
  • Detailed budget sheet with breakdown  



The Consulting VAT Registered Individual/Firm should submit a proposal to Oxfam by 31 October 2018 via mail to, clearly mentioning the title of assignment in their email subject line. 

Those who have submitted their proposal before, does not need to re-submit.


Confidentiality / Non disclosure

All material issued in connection with this ToR shall remain the property of Oxfam and shall be used only for the purpose of this procurement exercise. All information provided shall be either returned to Oxfam or securely destroyed by unsuccessful applicants at the conclusion of the procurement exercise.

During the performance of the assignment or at any time after expiry or termination of the Agreement, the Consultant shall not disclose to any person or otherwise make use of any confidential information which s/he has obtained or may in the course of this agreement relating to partner organization/Oxfam, the respondents or otherwise.

The consultant will be required to sign a non disclosure / confidentiality agreement as part of their undertaking of this work. 

Intellectual property, Copyright, and Ownership of all prepared information

The Consultant shall retain all rights to pre-existing (background) intellectual property or materials used by the Consultant in the delivery of this study. All arising intellectual property, ideas, materials, processes or processes formed in contemplation, course of, or as result of this study shall be passed to Oxfam without restriction.

The Consult shall warrant that all arising Intellectual Property, materials and/or products produced in pursuit of this study shall be original, and shall not infringe on any third party’s claim. All technical or business information, in whatever medium or format, originated, collated or prepared by or for the Consultant in contemplation, course of, or as result of this assignment shall be transferred to Oxfam without restriction on completion and shall not be used by the Consultant for any other purpose without express written permission of Oxfam’s Head of Programme Funding.

Copyright of all arising documents, data, information or reports produced by the Consultant under this agreement shall belong to Oxfam and will be passed to Oxfam without restriction. Such documents, data, information and reports shall not be used by the Consultant for any other purpose other than in conjunction with this assignment, without the express written permission of Oxfam’s Head of Programme Funding.

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