Implementation of Public Toilets

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Detailed Job description / requirements:

Implementation of Public Toilets

Chandannath Municipality (Jumla), Khadak Municipality (Saptari)

1.    Introduction

SNV understands safe urban sanitation and hygiene services as a pre-condition for health and economic development in cities. Currently SNV Nepal is implementing Urban Sanitation and Hygiene for Health and Development (USHHD) programme at four cities in partnership with Khadak Municipality, Chandannath Municipality, Birendranagr Municipality and Nepalgunj Sub-metropolitan. 

The overall goal of the USHHD program is improved health and quality of life of men and women through access to sustainable and environmentally safe sanitation and improved hygiene practices. The programme aims to build capacity for environmentally safe sanitation and hygiene practices and sustainable town-wide sanitation service delivery, working with the responsible local governments and a broad range of other stakeholders at national, district and sub-district levels. The inputs are technical (organisational and institutional) advisory services, evidence based advocacy and knowledge management.

2.    Rationale

Government of Nepal has successfully completed the ODF milestone for the country.  However, even after having full efforts to have 100% sanitation access at household level, functioning public toilets is still an issue to sustain the achievement of ODF in the small and big towns.  Therefore, SNV is aiming to support Chandannath Municipality (Jumla- Province 6) and Khadak Municipality (Saptari, Province 2) to construct/upgrade one public toilet each to make them gender and disability friendly.

3.   Scope of work

The overall scope of work is to implement the upgrading of one toilet in each city.  The current status of the two toilets and the tentative construction work required is given in the table below. SNV will separately provide the detailed design and estimate for each toilet to the successful candidate.


Current Condition

Tentative work required

1. Khadak Municipality

Two chambers and one urinal existing but dilapidated and not usable

Upgrading of existing toilet as per new design

2. Chandannath Municipality

Lack of public toilet at bus park

New toilet construction

Specifically, the scope of work entails:

  • Understanding the detailed design and estimate provided by SNV.
  • Developing the detailed material list, carrying out all procurement of materials required for the construction while ensuring quality and value for money within the given timeline, and arranging for safe storage of materials.  SNV will check the quality of the materials at time of procurement.  Inside fittings/finishing of the toilet will be decided jointly by SNV and municipality and will need to be procured accordingly.
  • Implementing all construction work with high quality and in a timely manner.
  • Manage debris as per municipality rules and in environmentally safe manner of demolished structures.
  • Liaising and communicating with municipality, other stakeholders, and the public as required to ensure smooth implementation and avoid nuisance to the public from the construction activities.
  • Ensure occupational health and safety of all people linked to construction.
  • Identify any environmental risks from construction and implement mitigative measures.
  • Be responsive and adaptive to any changes that may be required during implementation.
  • Document with high quality pictures the before and after status of the sites.

4.   Project time frame and key milestones

The maximum time period of the assignment is November - March, 2020.   After site assessment, the service provider will provide a time plan for construction with the aim of completing construction at the earliest.

5.   Qualifications for applicants

  • Experience in construction with experience in construction of public/institutional toilets is desirable.
  • Well established, financially sound, operational office set-up
  • Demonstrated ability to implement quality construction
  • Good relations with government and local bodies in general in city and/or district

6. Applications

Interested applicants are invited to submit the list of documents below to qualify by Sunday, October 20th, 2019.  Any incomplete applications will not be considered.  Please email submissions to

  • Specify name of city the applicant is applying for.
  • Two-page (maximum) capacity statement of organisation proving ability to deliver scope of work in the given time-frame with quality.
  • CV of qualified technical chief of project available full-time for the complete period of implementation.
  • Budget detailing:
    • human resources
    • operational budget for implementation including all measures for ensuring occupational health and safety during construction

(Construction budget will be added separately after preliminary selection and will be reimbursable on actuals).

  • Letter from bank attesting ability to receive advance payment against bank guarantee.
  • Last audited financial statement of organisation.
  • VAT/PAN registration certificates.

Job Overview

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