NBIT Pvt. Ltd.

NBIT Pvt. Ltd.
NBIT PTV LTD is a well-positioned start up software development service company. Taking scalability, robustness and customizability into account, we transform ideas into market-ready software solutions from the ground up.

Our customers come to us and stay with us, because we have the knowledge and experience to create fully functional software solutions that will provide enduring competitive advantage. We have helped ambitious start-up companies to grow into bigger businesses by decreasing their risk implementing technological innovation to business ideas.

We also provide services to help established companies meet difficult deadlines and targets by providing reliable and affordable software solutions. Through effective product counselling, our cross-functional team of analysts
, architects and engineers guides our client through technical and functional feasibility to elaborate and validate product concept and prepare foundation for future design and development work.

Our Clients
NBIT PTV LTD currently caters for international companies based in Australia, innovating and creating software for companies such as Tradeslot and PortQ.

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