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Apply Before: 04 May, 19

Detailed Job Description / Requirements:

Job title: Primary English Teacher
Salary: 15000 to 20000
  • Preparing daily and long-term lesson plans according to curriculum guidelines.
  • Teaching a full range of subject areas.
  • Developing children’s interests, abilities and coordination using a variety of creative activities including art, sport and music.
  • Maintaining productive working habits and discipline in the classroom.
  • Supervising students throughout the day, both in the classroom and outside during breaks.
  • Attending staff meetings and training and development sessions.
  • Assessing and evaluating students’ educational progress and abilities.
  • Setting and conducting testing.
  • Discussing students’ progress with parents and guardians, administrators and other professionals as necessary.
Job Overview
15000 NRs per month
Full Time
Please check vacancy details.
Please check vacancy details
05 Apr, 19
04 May, 19

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