DYRE by Bottle

DYRE by Bottle
Bottle is a Nepal based “Retail Experience Design” Company with (technological) research subjects varying across the sphere of Machine Learning, Internet of Things, 3D Printing and Web 3.0 but our intention is not entirely based in technology. Bottle is composed of multiple divisions and departments, but we are working a long-timeout to eliminate the notion of psychological hierarchy which is only possible if we have people working, who have no respect for the dumb-down culture that is one of the reasons we build DYRE- To get such people.

Detailed Job Description / Requirements:

You shall be involved in various high-level public domina Internet of Things (IoT) projects. 

Applicant must have at least 4 years in/out experience with IoT or [sensors] based projects, who must possess to read technical documentation and schematics and also of expertise in scope and logic analyzer is a plus.

One shall be under the Hardware Programming team under team-leader, therefore, must share the singular approach of OOP programming in C/C++, Shell, and Python in version control tools such as Git.

Applicant should also have experience with ARM Chipsets, Wifi Modules, Sound-Based ARM Modules and the core concept of Reverse Engineering.  


  1. Experience with working in a mid-size team on singular projects for a longer duration. 
  2. Experience Programming Languages such as C++ and Python.
  3. Involvements in various IoT or Hardware based projects. 
  4. Familiar with ARM Chipsets family.

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Job Overview
Computer - Hardware / Network
32000 NRs per hour
Full Time
4+ years
B.E. in Computer Science
12 Mar, 19
11 Apr, 19

Special Instructions for Applicants:

If you find this posting to be interesting or somewhat relevant with your field of expertise then, please visit
www.dyre.io which will land you on the full description of this vacancy furthermore you can apply directly from our official website. Also, you can contact us via DYRE.

See you on the other side.

Your Friends at Bottle.

To apply:

Please note the application procedure mentioned above and apply accordingly.

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