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Detailed Job Description / Requirements:

Consultant - Security and Justice Advisor

Scope of Assignment and Key Tasks

The consultant (Security and Justice Advisor) will support the project team by providing appropriate and advisory services and oversighting the effective implementation of project interventions. S/he will contribute to improvement of the efficiency of enhancing gender-responsiveness and inclusiveness of security and justice services, and strengthening relations between communities and JSPs. Likewise, the consultant will provide technical support in using the research findings and program results to generate evidence for development of policy and practices around community police partnership and access to security and justice. These efforts will also focus on generating opportunities to replicate and scale up the successful program approaches, methodologies and activities that will be piloted on the ground as part of this project.

The Advisor will work closely with the Sahaj project team as required for the tasks assigned.

Key assigned tasks:

  • Map the local security and justice system including incentives – the consultant will provide technical and advisory support to finalize the research report on S&J mapping. S/he will provide inputs on future programming and its appropriate strategies based on the findings and recommendations. 
  • Interactive workshop on victim centered approach – the consultant will provide technical support in reviewing the existing literatures including existing practices, gaps and opportunities. S/he will also provide technical support in finalizing the curriculum. The consultant will observe the workshop with the aim of ensuring quality and its effectiveness.
  • S&J policy /strategy formulation support to local/provincial level  - the consultant will provide technical support to selected provinces and local government units (LGUs) in reviewing, drafting and holding public discussions on policies and plan being drafted.  
  • Joint strategic priority setting and action planning – the consultant will provide technical inputs in finalising the operational strategy in implementing the joint action plan prepared by JSPs and communities as per the project outcomes.
  • Periodic Monitoring of the implementation of judicial decisions and its effectiveness – the consultant will provide inputs in developing strategic recommendations based on the findings came from the survey on effectiveness of veridic/decision monitoring conducted by FWLD.
  • Coordination among JSPs – the consultant will provide advisory and technical support in enhancing effective coordination among concerned JSPs with the aims of increasing their ownership and participation towards project activities.
  • Capacity building of project staff – the consultant will provide technical and advisory support to project team as and when required.

Key deliverables:

The main deliverables comprise:

  • Comments and feedback  – S&J mapping report. The consultant will submit a brief report (Max 1-2 pages) outlying their major observation and gaps. 
  • Comments and feedback on the curriculum for the interactive workshop – The consultant will provide comments and feedback in finalising its curriculum considering existing practices, gaps and opportunity in the close coordination with implementing partners and project team. 
  • Comments and feedback on training manual - based on the training curriculum, consultant will review the draft manual, and provide technical inputs in finalizing the manual.If needed, the consultant will also facilitate the training on victim centered approach.
  • The consultant will provide advisory and technical supports preparing an operation strategy and guideline (2-3 pages brief note).
  • The consultant will provide technical and advisory supports to finalize an operational strategy and guidelines with the aim of implementing the joint action plan effectively prepared by JSPs and communities (2-3 pages brief note)
  • The consultant will provide technical and advisory supports in effectively implementation of judicial decisions in close coordination with implementing partner and project team (2-3 pages brief note)
  • The consultant will provide technical and advisory support to prepare a coordination strategy among JSP actor (max 10 pages) by reviewing the project objectives and outcomes (2-3 pages brief note)

Consultant Qualifications and Experience

The consultant will possess the following qualifications and experience:

  • Advanced degree in laws/peace and security or related fields;
  • At least 10 years of relevant professional experience; 
  • Relevant experience working with prosecutors, court staff, Nepal Police and Justice Ministry staff.
  • Demonstrated understanding of laws and policies of Nepal and experience with the structure and function of security and justice in Nepal; 
  • Experience of in the processes of judicial reform and institutional strengthening, particularly in relation to new federal structure of Nepal will be a significant advantage.
  • Good writing and analytical skills.


40 days’ work starting 1 December 2019 and ending April 2020


Qualified candidates are requested to submit a cover letter along with updated CV to with subject line “Consultant – Security and Justice” by 18 November 2019. Please indicate your ability, availability and daily rate to undertake the terms of reference above.

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