GESI Child Trainer

Pavitra cooperative, Surkhet

Detailed Job description / requirements:

Terms of Reference

TOT on Gender Based Violence (GBV), Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI), Child right & Care Analysis to social mobilizer and leader of seed producer Groups Under Enterprise Development Project (EDP).


Under Food and Economic Justice Program (FEJ) Oxfam in Nepal is committed to improve food security and livelihoods status of poor, socially excluded and vulnerable women and men working at multiple levels and with diverse stakeholders – including non-traditional partners such as the private sector- ensuring that community level programmes influence and leverage the change at scale required in support of food security, land rights and climate resilience. Under the FEJ program, Enterprise Development project (EDP) has been implementing for improving food security & livelihood of target group through increased seed production, productivity and income at individual and household level with the special emphasis on the need of women to build their economic leadership skills through community empowerment process. For the effective implementation of the project, gender main streaming at all level is required. Gender interacts with many factors such as age, ethnicity, caste, class, religion, and geographical location, to determine an individual’s entitlements and ability to access resources, information, and services and to participate in each society. Due to set gender roles lead inequalities, discrimination against women and girls in our societies and increasing vulnerability and risk. The role that women play in livelihoods, the economy and society – including women’s unpaid care work – is frequently undervalued, and women’s potential contribution to development initiatives is often overlooked. These factors increase women’s vulnerability to poverty and result in women representing a disproportionate percentage of the Nations' poor. Put simply, the intrinsic links between gender inequality and poverty mean that we cannot achieve our mission if we do not put poor women at the heart of all we do.

Gender equality and women’s rights are central to Oxfam’s common standards. Our vision of gender equality is that through our work many more women will be engaged in our programme/project activities to increase control over their income, livelihoods, decision making in their family and society. This will happen through changes in attitudes, ideas and beliefs about gender relations, and increased levels of women’s active engagement and critical leadership in every activity, decision-making and change processes. To achieve this vision, we intend to increase poor women’s participation in all that we do. For this, social mobilizers and group leaders need to understand the concept on GBV, GESI, Child Right and care work analysis for both economic & social empowerment program as well.  Therefore, this ToR is developed to train the social mobilizers and leaders of seed producer groups of Pavitra Janakalyan Farmer’s Cooperative Ltd. on GVB, GESI, Child Right and Care analysis.

2.    Objective:

The main objective of this training is to build capacity of Social mobilizer and leader of seed producer groups on Gender equality & social inclusion & Gender based violence, Child right and Care analysis. The specific objectives are:

  • To sensitized the participants on gender equality & social inclusion (GESI), Gender Based Violence(GBV), Child right and Care analysis.
  • Participants will be capacitated to increase women's participation in group meeting and other economic activities 
  • To develop training facilitation capacity of social mobilizers and group leaders  
  • Participants will be capacitated to deliver sensitization events on GESI, GBV, child right, Child safeguarding and care analysis in their respective seed producer groups during monthly the meeting.

3.    Methodology

  • Following method will be applied to make training effective & constructive.
  • Power point presentation
  • Brain storming
  • Case story
  • Group Discussion
  • Evidence based experiences sharing
  • Lecture
  • Group work

4.    Deliverables (Outputs)

  • The output of the task will be submitted in the form of:
  • Conducted TOTy on GESI, GBV, Child right and Care analysis training as per the proposition
  • Participants will be provided sufficient resource materials to roll out the session in their groups.

5.    OXFAM inputs

There will be following inputs for completing the assignment:

  • Supported logistic & financial arrangement as per the proposition
  • Supported facilitators for the training
  • Manage and coordinate with partners for selection training participants

6.    Time Frame

The training period will be for 4 days.  The tentative plan for conduction of training will be from 22-25 September 2019.

7.    Training Participants: Total 15 participants (4 staff of Pavitra Janakalyan Farmer’s Cooperative Ltd. And 11 leader of seed producer farmers group)

8.    Proposed date and Venue: 22-25 September 2019 at Mahelkuna, Surkhet.

How to apply: Interested candidates can submit their CV/RESUME directly at

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