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Detailed Job description / requirements:


Consultancy service ((individual/company/firm): Conduct workshop and training on GESI mainstreaming in Inclusive Agricultural Market System Development project (KISAN II)

The Knowledge-based Integrated Sustainable Agriculture in Nepal (KISAN) II project is seeking a consultant, with a proven background in conducting a workshop/training on gender mainstreaming for project senior management team and GESI leadership/Women Economic Empowerment in selected private sector partners (cooperatives and agro vets). 

The KISAN II project aims to increase resilience, inclusiveness, and sustainability of income growth in the Feed the Future Zone of Influence to reduce poverty and increase food security in Nepal. KISAN II is a five-year project which will facilitate systemic changes in the agricultural sector including: (1) greater climate-smart intensification of staple crops and diversification into higher value commodities; (2) strengthening of local market systems to support more competitive and resilient value chains and agricultural related businesses; and (3) improving the enabling environment for agricultural and market systems development. KISAN II is supporting activities that expand and/or strengthen direct or indirect linkages between businesses and smallholder farmers. At the core of the KISAN II private sector-led approach is promoting the business case for buyers, intermediaries, and service providers to improve their business outcomes through more substantial engagement with producers and other value chain actors. 

The experience shows that integrating gender equality and inclusiveness in market system development is critical in the private sector lead approach. Whereas the key market actors are female and members of disadvantaged groups in the market system. The KISAN II project applies GESI (Gender Equality and Social Inclusion) as cross-cutting issues in its activities with commitments to ensure inclusive development and applicability of content and methodology for women and disadvantaged groups. The project prioritizes GESI mainstreaming within all the technical components and recognizes that GESI mainstreaming is a means for women, men, youth and a member from disadvantaged groups to experience equal conditions and opportunity to participate and benefit for agriculture productivity, market growth and overall equal outcomes.
The 2016 USAID’s GESI analysis for KISAN II Project and GESI Assessment of KISAN II-2018 concludes that bias against women, youth, caste and ethnic groups is still prevalent in program areas. The findings show that the understanding of GESI issues among private sector partners need to be clarified as many of the private sector actors/decision-makers perceive that the GESI agenda to be one of corporate social responsibility rather than of business expansion. The study also questioned the ability, and motivation of the private sector to promote socially inclusive agenda and deal fairly with the project participants. Thus, the push for gender equality and social inclusion can also be attributed to civil society organization efforts in the guise of development programs1. Likewise, the USAID GESI Analysis Study (2016) for KISAN II also mentions the better practice and stronger internalization of GESI norms and GESI related agriculture value chain’s ideologies in the project itself is required2. Similarly, the year II Pause and Reflect learning workshop also recommended that the project needs to better integrate GESI in analyses to understand and respond to specific constraints and opportunities and to better foster inclusivity3.

Furthermore, the KISAN II GESI Action plan recognizes mainstreaming the GESI in staff capacity enhancement would add the value to integrate the GESI norms in their programming and also enhancing the institutional capacity for gender responsiveness. It is a tool for empowering project staff and private sector partners and accelerating changes needed to support project gender equality outcomes. 
  1 KISAN II GESI Assessment- Selected Agricultural Market Systems, 2018
  2 USAID GESI Analysis for KISAN II, 2016
  3  KISAN II Pause and Reflect, 2019

The overall objectives of conducting GESI mainstreaming workshop/training is to ensure the KISAN II project staff and private sector partners (selected cooperatives and agro vets) better understand the GESI norms, constraints in agriculture business development so that the decision-makers realize the problem and tackle it on time for better impact. The activity will increase its overall efficiency in gender integration in programming and contribute significantly to project impacts.

The consultant will work with GESI Advisor and Chief of Party (COP);
i.   Conduct high-level Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) mainstreaming workshop to the KISAN II Senior Management team (expected 26 participants).
ii.  Roll out two training/workshop:
  1. 3 days of training to selected cooperatives(expected 24-30 participants from 12- 15cooperatives) on GESI leadership (specific focus on women economic empowerment and leadership)
  2. 3 days of training to selected private sector partners - agro vets(expected 24-30 participants from 22-24 private sector partners). 
iii.  Review and finalize partners’ prepared action plan (six months to one-year plan) on all standards and submit to GESI Advisor and COP. The action plan will be prepared during the workshop. 

  • Kathmandu and Nepalgunj
The consultant should be available from March 2020 with the task to be completed by May 2020. The total duration of this assignment is 36 working days. This will be fixed-term deliverables-based consultant contract. 

The total duration (LOE) of this assignment is 36 working days from March 2020 to May 2020. As of USAID compliance, Consultant is expected/allowed to work 6 days a week.

A. GESI Mainstreaming in KISAN II 
Activity Description
No. of Days
1Review and preparation for GESI Mainstreaming Workshop to KISAN II
Review project documents; annual report, data review, case /success story, the ppt includes keynotes. 
3 Days 
2Conduct two days GESI mainstreaming workshop to KISAN II senior management (expected 26 participants)
Participatory workshop on GESI and how it applies to development and programming. The training includes theory and practical, case/success story particularly focus on agri-business. 
2 Days Training
GESI Integration and Leadership for Selected Cooperatives and Agrovets
1Review and prepare session plan and training materials on GESI leadership in Cooperative Leadership and Private Sector Business Partner.

Prepare 3 days training package (ppt with slide description, game, role play, case/success story) for cooperative leaders and private sector business partner (agrovet) on ‘Leadership Development-Women’s Economic Empowerment and Market System Development’

The training content for agrovets may have to be adapted to their specific context (TBD). 

8 Days
2Conduct 2 days internal meetings to identify gap and opportunity to prepare the workshop content and key notes to support the action plan prepared by the participants during the workshop

The consultant will facilitate the internal meeting with project staff and collect the recommendations

Based on the recommendation, the consultant will prepare the key notes and integrate them in the workshop content. 

3 Days 
3Roll out 3 days training to selected cooperative leaders
Participatory training/workshop on GESI leadership, women’s economic empowerment.  
5 Days - two days travel to Nepalgunj/KTM
4Review and finalize the Action plan/business plan for each cooperative (12-15). 
The report/plan should include a cooperative-specific plan for six months-one year as designed in the training. 
5 Days
5Roll out 3 days training to selected agrovets
Participatory training/workshop on gender and inclusiveness, economic empowerment and leadership development. 
5 Days

Review and finalize the action plan/business plan for each agrovet (22-24).

Prepare a brief work accomplishment report. 

The report should include agrovet-specific plan for six months as designed in the training.

A brief report highlighting major learning and achievement. 

5 Days
  • The Consultant will report to Gender and Social Inclusion Advisor. 


  • At least 12 years of progressively responsible professional work experience in GESI mainstreaming in programming, experience in international development specializing in human resources and organizational capacity development.
  • Advanced university degree in Social Sciences, Gender Equality or related field.
  • Knowledge of gender dynamic in agricultural value chain project. 
  • Experience on conducting workshop and related capacity building on gender equality programming, data analysis and utilization of the data information from a board range of sources to ensure effective integration of GESI concerns in project programming.
  • Familiar with the inclusive market system development, market constraints, legislations and policies governing non-profits and civil society organizations and the best practices in management of different types of non-profits and civil society organizations
  • Fluency in writing and spoken Nepali and English with excellent communication, and facilitation skills. 
10.  Application Procedure

Applicants should submit:
  • A letter of interest, stating why you consider yourself suitable for the assignment
  • A concept note detailing the process, proposed timelines
  • Budget: Propose daily rate of consultant/s along with copy of contract/agreement, or other proof of documents of two latest assignments
  • Personal CVs with work references
  • For individual consultant: PAN registration certificate (copy of VAT certificate is must if the total daily rate exceeds NRs. 500,000)
  • For official travel outside Kathmandu (means of transportation, lodging, per diem) will be applicable/paid as per KISAN II norms in addition to daily rate.  
How to Apply:
Interested candidates/firms can post the required documents to within February 23, 2020. Applicants should reference Consultancy-GESI Workshop in the subject line. Applications received after the stipulated date will not be entertained.

Issuance of this notice does not obligate Winrock International to award a Consultancy Service GESI Workshop, nor will Winrock International pay any costs associated with the preparation or submission of application.  Furthermore, Winrock International reserves the right to reject any and all applications, if such action is considered to be in the best interest of Winrock International.  The consultancy service is contingent upon donor approval.

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