Consultancy Service For UPR Submission Report

Nepal National Dalit Social Welfare Organization (NNDSWO)

Detailed Job description / requirements:

Providing Consultancy Service for Developing UPR submission report to be submitted in UN Human Right Council

1.    About the Organization

Nepal National Dalit Social Welfare Organization (NNDSWO) is a pioneer organization in combating "caste-based discrimination and untouchability’’ and promoting equality and dignity of Dalit in Nepal. NNDSWO, established in 1982, is a first registered non-government organisation by Dalit for Dalit rights. NNDSWO has district chapter offices that are active in 74 districts of the country. The Organization established a sustainable model of engaging community activists by uniting them to under a single forum and sensitizing on the on Human right and non-discrimination ensured through constitutional and other legislative documents.

The organization also played crucial role in establishing the agenda of Caste Based Discrimination and Untouchability (CBD&U) in the international level by utilizing the international forums like UPR and CERD. NNDSWO took the leading role in developing and submitting UPR report on behalf of Nepali Dalit CSOs in the previous two cycles i.e. 2011 and 2015. The organization also played the similar role in producing CERD shadow report.  UPR and CERD are the two important international mechanisms where the issues of discrimination, human right violation and injustice are presented and state parties are made accountable toward the international community as well through the exchange of dialogues between and among the human right council members, state party and CSOs representatives. NNDSWO took this an opportunity to bring the issues related with caste based discrimination and untouchability in the international forum (UN forums) and make sure that Nepal Government took appropriate measures in timely addressing this issue.

For this year too, NNDSWO has started to work with the larger Civil Society Organizations to produce submission report to submit for the upcoming session scheduled to be held in November, 2020.

2. Brief information about the Assignment  

2.1 About SAJHA AAWAJ Project

NNDSWO in consortium with Media Advocacy Group (MAG) and Finn Church Aid (FCA) has been implementing a project named "supporting collective voice and action against caste based discrimination in Nepal – SAJHA AAWAJ". The project is financed by European Union (EU) and co-financed by FCA.

This Human Right based project sought to address the issue of caste based discrimination and untouchability by applying together for change approach. This three years long project that started in November 2017 will concluded in October 2020, have the following objectives;

Overall objective: To contribute to elimination of caste-based discrimination (CBD) and promotion of human rights of all (Dalits and non-Dalits people).

Specific Objective: Strengthening implementation of legal frameworks related to equality and non-discrimination for enhancing effective participation and access to services and justice to persons affected by CBD.

Intermediate Outcomes (iOc)

iOc1: Key Local Actors and communities from Dalit and non-Dailts act together for the realization of the rights of the people affected by CBD to equal participation and access to basic services and justices

iOc2: Increased engagement of stakeholders (Government and civil society organizations) for creating an enabling environment to implement the constitutional/ legal provisions and Universal Periodic Review (UPR) recommendations related to non-discrimination.

2.2 UPR submission Report 

As the third cycle of UPR is being scheduled for November, 2020, SAJHA AAWAJ project envisaged to develop UPR report in consultation and coordination with larger Dalit Civil Society Organization (CSOs) across the country.  Intermediate Outcome 2 and output no 2.1 of the project guides the project team to work for the development of UPR submission report.

NNDSWO has been involved to advocate the specific human rights issues and concerns of people affected by caste based discrimination. NNDSWO represented the issues of Nepali Dalit community during the first UPR in January 2011 in Geneva. Likewise, in cooperation with FCA, in coordination with International Dalit Solidarity Network (IDSN), and the participation of 79 Dalit organizations across the country, NNDSWO produced the CSO report on human right situation of Dalit and submitted to UN Human Right Council in October, 2015 and engaged in lobby.

Building on the previous experience of the organization, NNDSWO in consultation and coordination with larger Dalit CSOs is preparing the UPR submission report to submit at Un Human Right Council in 2020. This assignment is for the producing the UPR submission report through the larger consultation among Dalit CSOs.

3.    Objective of the Assignment

The overall objective of this assignment is produce the UPR Submission Report from Dalit human rights' perspectives that will be submitted at UN Human Right Council, Geneva; whereas the specific objectives of the assignment are;

  • Assess the implementation status of previous UPR cycle's recommendations
  • Identify the gaps for the effective implementation of UPR recommendations (what positive measures are taken from the government's side during this period and where government fails to materialized the commitment made at international level)
  • Ascertain how UPR recommendations can best be implemented in the federal structural of Nepal

4.    Scope of the Assignment

The Scope of the assignment shall be but not limited to the followings:

  • Compile the cases of Dalit human rights violations from different part of the country
  • Facilitate the consultation sessions to be held in three (Province 2, Province 5 and Karnali Province)
  • Facilitate the CSO consultation Workshop at federal level
  • Engaged in interaction and consultation with Government line agencies individually or in group
  • Review the existing documents related with UPR
  • Analyse the efficiency of existed mechanisms that are responsible for the implementation of UPR
  • Content framing in the  format of UPR report preparation
  • Develop format for information collection from different part of the country where the consultant himself is unable to join, and process and compile the raw information as an evidence to support the argument established in the report
  • Prepare the draft report UPR and share it among the larger Dalit CSOs for feedbacks, incorporate the relevant information and submit the final report

5.    Expected Outputs/Deliverable

The consultant shall submit the following deliverables to fulfill the requirements of the consultancy services:

Deliverable 1: An inception report (including planning and sharing of work plan,   methodology) by September 20, 2019

Deliverable 2: Presentation of initial findings to NNDSWO and sharing initial draft report by first December 31, 2019

Deliverable 3: 1st detailed draft report by January 15, 2020

Deliverable 4: Final UPR submission report in the format with all the required information (print and e-copy) by February 15, 2019

6. Time Duration and Schedule

This short–term consultancy shall be professionally completed within about six months starting from September 15, 2019 to February 15, 2020. The consultancy service must be completed with the timeline and timely delivery of outputs is essential. The total working days for the consultancy are 28 starting from September 15, 2019 to February 15, 2020. Major activities are presented as below tentative with timeline.







Review of the relevant  literature


2 days



Setting methodology


1 day



Information collection format


1 day



Submission of inception report, tools and methodologies and a detailed work plan


1 day

September 20

Inception report with Work Methodology and  work plan


Discussion on Inception Report with Project team


1 day



Facilitate the province level consultation events




6 days



Mutually as per the time of local CSOs

Facilitate the CSO consultation Workshop at federal level



1 day



Information analysis, report writing and preparation of draft report



10 days



1st detailed draft report



1 day

December 15

Presentation of draft report

Presentation of initial findings of the draft report




1 day

January 15


Prepare and submit draft final report



3 days

February 15

Final UPR submission Report

Total Working Days of the assignment

28  days



7.    Budget

Please use the bellow sheet for budgeting

Sr. No

Budget lines




Amount in NRs



Daily Fees of Team Leader


.........days x NRs...... /day x 1 person




Daily Fee of team member(s)


.........days x NRs...... /day x ….. person














Vat (13%)


Grand Total


Other cost including logistic and accommodation cost, travel expense will be bear by NNDSWO as per organizational rule. Consultation events also will be organized by the organization.

The payments will be made: 20% of the agree amount at acceptance of proposal and upon signing the contract, 50% at presentation of the draft report, and 30% after receipt of approved final report and financial justification.

8.    Team Composition and Required Qualification

Team Leader (Evaluation Expert) 1

The Team Leader is expected to be a reliable and effective project/task manager with strong academic background and extensive experience in Human Rights of Dalit and previous experience in developing UPR submission report is desirable. His/her qualifications are expected as follows:

  • Master degree in Law/Human Rights, Development Studies, Conflict, Peace and Development, Social Sciences or any other relevant subject;
  • Minimum of 7 years of professional experience in the field Human Right, Caste Based Discrimination and Untouchability (CBD&U)
  • Familiar with UPR process and cycle, and previously involved in producing UPR report;
  • Fully acquainted with UN Human Right Council system and functioning;
  • A proven record in delivering professional results.
  • Possesses excellent report writing, communication and presentation skills.
  • Fluent in English and Nepali writing.

Team Member (thematic expert) – 1

  • Team member (thematic expert) should have the following qualifications:
  • At least Bachelor’s degree, preferably Master’s degree in Law, human right or relevant subject.
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience dalit and human rights sector
  • Good interpersonal skill and report writing skills, both in Nepali and English.
  • Should acquire sound information regarding UPR system

9.    Termination of Contract

The contract can be terminated by either party upon return notice three weeks in advance.

NNDSWO may terminate this contract at any time if it is determined that there is significant non-compliance by the team of consultant with the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Note for application submission

NNDSWO invites application from the qualified Nepali citizen/ firm to apply for this consultancy service no later than 10 September 2019. Please do not forget to mention Consultancy Service for UPR submission report development in the subject line. Telephone conversation will not be entertained prior to the final selection. Financial and technical proposals in line with this ToR should be submitted along with other relevant documents at and  

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