Consultancy Service for Preparing Ward Level DRR Strategic Action Plan

Koshi Victim's Society (KVS)

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Consultancy Service for Preparing Ward Level DRR Strategic Action Plan


April 2021


Koshi Victim’s Society (KVS) is a non-governmental, non-profit making social organization established in May 2003 and based in Rajbiraj of Saptari district in Nepal. KVS registered at District Administration Office, Saptari is affiliated with Social Welfare Council of Nepal. KVS has been working in the field of community mobilization and development, community-based disaster risk reduction, flood recovery, WASH, livelihood etc. in partnership with different development agencies. KVS is the District Lead Support Agency (DLSA) in Saptari and supports the local government for coordination in disaster preparedness, response and recovery plan and programs, disaster data information management support, preparing of local plans and policies and reporting and documentation. 

SAKSHAM, a two-year program financially supported by United States Agency for International Development – Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance (USAID/BHA) and technically supported by Lutheran World Relief (LWR) is focused in strengthening resilience of the most vulnerable and marginalized communities in Saptari and Siraha with primary focus on Risk Management Policy and Practice, Agriculture and Food Security and Economic Recovery and Market Systems. Risk Management Policy and Practice will support municipal wards and communities in DRR plans, policies and activities designed to strengthen preparedness, risk mitigation, response and recovery capacities. Similarly, Agriculture and Food Security will ensure that the marginalized and subsistence farmers in the area have increased knowledge, skills and access to climate smart agriculture practices that reduces losses due to adverse climatic conditions and increases their productivity to support in food security and income generation. The Economic Recovery and Market Systems shall link the flood vulnerable farmers to market system and safety nets (insurance, saving and credit, supply chain etc.) for strengthening financial resilience for better preparedness, response and recovery. The holistic approach on community resilience includes better coordination and partnership among the communities, local government and private sectors for disaster risk reduction and management.   

Koshi Victim’s Society as an implementing partner of SAKSHAM project is responsible for overall management and delivery of the project at local level; 4 municipalities, 15 wards and 30 communities.KVS under SAKSHAM project is looking for registered firms or individuals for preparing Ward Level DRR Strategic Action Plan of total 15 wards (4 wardsof Saptakoshi municipality, 3 wards each ofKanchanrup and HanumannagarKankalini municipality and 5 wards of TilathiKoiladi Municipalities) in accordance with the Government of Nepal, Disaster Risk Reduction National Strategic Plan of Action (DRRNSPA) 2018-2030. 


The purpose of this consultancy service is to procure technical service for preparing Ward Level DRR Strategic Action Plan of 15 wards (4 wards of Saptakoshi municipality, 3 wards each of Kanchanrup and HanumannagarKankalini municipality and 5 wards of TilathiKoiladi Municipalities) in accordance with the Government of Nepal, Disaster Risk Reduction National Strategic Plan of Action (DRRNSPA) 2018-2030. 



The scope of work can be summarized as: 

  • To carry out necessary literature review and desk study for developing a framework for Ward Level DRR Strategic Action Plan
  • To carry out necessary survey, data collection and analysis for preparing ward level DRR strategic action plan. 
  • To work in close coordination with the municipality and ward officials for gathering necessary data and information related to the ward level hazards, risks, vulnerabilities, demographics, geography and resources. 
  • To engage local ward representatives and stakeholders (CDMC members, NGOs, CBOs, farmers groups, women groups etc.) in drafting the ground based DRR strategic action plan that incorporates identified local hazards, risks, vulnerabilities, vulnerable groups, resources etc. and provides clear target-based action plan for multi hazard disaster risk reduction policy framework, stakeholders engagement, resource generation and leveraging and progress mapping indicators. 
  • To draft the Ward Level DRR Strategic Action Plan in accordance with the Government of Nepal, Disaster Risk Reduction National Strategic Plan of Action 2018-2030 that clearly guides the target ward offices and municipalities for the policy framework and action plan (immediate, mid term 2-5 years and 5-8 years) such that the ward level achieves the strategy and targets as envisioned in DRRNSPA. 
  • To prepare indicator-based monitoring tool for tracking the progress of the Ward Level DRR Strategic Action Plan. 
  • Collect feedback on the draft Ward Level DRR Strategic Action Plan from the communities/CDMCs, local government representatives and stakeholders and other concerned organizations and finalize it.  
  • Facilitate municipal level sharing workshops for the process adopted for data collection and verification and the strategic action plan. 


The major deliverables and tasks of the consultant shall be 

  • Ground based Ward Level DRR Strategic Action Plan of 15 wards of Saptakoshi, Kanchanrup, HanumannagarKankalini and TilathiKoiladimunicipalities in Saptari. 
  • Indicator based monitoring tool for tracking the progress of the action plan. 
  • Facilitate 3 workshops at municipal level for sharing the action plan, process and its implementation. 


Koshi Victim’s Society:

KVS shall be responsible for 

  • Providing managerial support in coordination with municipalities, ward offices, government and non-government organizations for data collection and linkages for the consultant. 
  • Providing field-based support (introduction to key informants, CDMCs members, ward representatives etc.) in gathering primary and secondary data for the consultant.
  • Support inorganizing meetings with ward representatives, CDMCs, CBOs and other stakeholders during the process. KVS shall cover the financial expenses occurred during such meetings. 
  • Organizing the workshop for sharing the Ward Level DRR Strategic Action Plan. 
  • Tracking the consultants field progress, providing feedback and comments for completion of the assigned task. The consultant has to consider the feedback from Lutheran World Relief and USAID too in finalizing the documents too. 


The consultant shall be responsible for

  • Carrying out research, literature review, desk study etc. for finalizing the contents, data collection methods, analysis etc. of the Ward Level DRR Strategic Action Plan. 
  • Leading the technical and managerial aspects in preparing the strategic action plan. 
  • Coordinating among District Disaster Management Committee, Municipalities, Ward Offices, KVS, Lutheran World Relief, CDMCs etc.for gathering necessary information and data and engaging them in the strategic action plan drafting process. 
  • Incorporating the feedback from concerned agencies (DDMC, Municipalities, ward offices, CDMCs, KVS, Lutheran World Relief, USAID etc.) and finalizing the plan. 
  • Preparing indicator-based monitoring tool for tracking the progress of the action plan. 
  • The consultant shall be responsible for all the expenditures occurred for field travel and logistics.


  • The consultancy service shall be procured on a price competitive basis considering the technical quality and time frame. 
  • The consultant has to complete the assigned responsibility within 3 months (May – July 2021). The number of days for completing the assignment has to be proposed by the consultant. Ror Financial Proposal Template click here
  • The consultant has to submit a detailed work plan along with the table of contents and the data collection method along with the EoI. The shortlisted consultants would be requested to make a presentation before final selection.  
  • The payment of the consultancy service shall be made in installments finalized with the successful consultant. 


Consultancy firms or individuals who meet the following criteria are eligible to submit an expression of interest. 

  • Should be duly registered in Nepal for providing such services. 
  • Demonstrated experience of preparing local level DRR plans and policies. 

Interested individual or firms are requested to submit a complete bid document as given in the attachment along with

  • A technical concept note including (but not limited to) table of contents, data collection methods and data and information verification, work plan, limitations. 
  • Registration certificate (as applicable) 
  • Profile of the consultant firm clearly highlight experiences of similar work 
  • CV of the experts mobilized under the consultancy service. 
  • Tax clearance certificate
  • Supporting documents of evidence as appropriate 


The consultancy firms or individuals willing to make an expression of interest can send the complete set of (sealed)documents by email to or handed over to the reception of KVS office, Rajbiraj by 15th April 2021 in-office hour The potential bidders can request for any further clarification on the information by email to or call at 031522524, 9854038452.

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