Jana Jagaran Mahila Sangh

Jana Jagaran Mahila Sangh
Jana Jagaran Mahila Sangh (JJMS) is a local non-profit organization established on Shrawan 5, 2056 BS under the Association Registration Act 1977 as a non-governmental organization (NGO). Similarly, it got its affiliation to the Social Welfare Council (SWC) on Magh 8, 2056 BS. As the name indicates, JJMS envisions creating a society of self- dependent and empowered women. Since its inception, it has dedicated its work to empower the disadvantaged women and children to take independent socio-economic choices for their betterment and upliftment of the society as well.
Jana Jagaran Mahila Sangh (JJMS) is a non-profit, non- governmental and non-political organization , which after its legal recognition, started its work in the community to promote women rights. It has been providing social servi
ces at grass-root level to strengthen the voice of community people for their rights and justice . The core focus of the organization is to uplift the status of low life standard people through advocacy, lobbying, networking and doing development activities.
Vision: To create self-dependent society via the empowerment of women

Mission: Empower the women to undertake leadership in health, education and economic sector to fulfill their needs in a sustainable manner and thereby improve their living standard through advocacy and networking with women, children, deprived groups via the preservation of culture, women rights and environment.

1. To conduct non-formal education for excluded women to make the able to read and write
2. to conduct programs to improve the health situation of children and women
3. To conduct income generating programs for Dalits, Muslim, Madhesi, Freed kaaiya, Landless, Marginalized and other disadvantaged women developing skills
4. To establish women community saving Fund in every Tharu clusters
5. To raise the awareness on women, human and fundamental rights protection through awareness program
6. To identify the local resources and ensure proper utilization
7. To conduct organizational development programs coordinating different organizations

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