Shrestha Consultant Pvt. Ltd.

Shrestha Consultant Pvt. Ltd.
An engineering consulting firm registered on 2054 B.S. and consistently working in the consulting services in various field which includes building, road, irrigation, water supply, bridges, transmission line, IEE, district profile, periodic plans with the moto to be among the best if not the best versatile consultant in the country.
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Apply Before: 02 Nov, 17

Detailed Job Description / Requirements:

Position: IT Expert

Number og Opening: 1

Qualification: Master’s degree in IT with 10 years’ experience

Job Location: Lumbini

Detail Task Assigned:

  • Manage and coordinate all on-site activities under the direction of the deputy  team leader.
  • Oversee all implementation works to ensure compliance with specifications.
  • Ensure that all sites are fit for the purpose in accordance with plans developed by the design.
  • Ensure that all equipment’s installed is in accordance with supplier’s specifications.
  • Ensure that all site drawings are updated to reflect changes.
  • Ensure site access for all direct personal on the dates required.
  • Ensure that all direct personnel are fully equipped to undertake the tasks planned.
  • Ensure that all equipment failures/ faults are reported to the design engineer/deputy team leader  and chief design engineer.
  • Survey all site in accordance with procedures developed by the design engineer and chief design engineers.
  • Ensure that all sites survey documentation is complicated accurately and submitted to the design engineer on time.
  • Conduct physical coverage analysis of sites under the direction of the design engineer and  on time.
  • Supervise the contractor’s equipment installation work to ensure conformity with the specifications received from suppliers and the design engineer.
  • Test all installed equipment to ensure that it is working in accordance with specifications and report any discrepancies found.
  • Conduct acceptance of the sites in accordance with the procedures outlined by the design engineer and the quality assurance manager.
  • Inform the team leader of any deviation from the work plans and seek approval before changing work orders.
  • Submit a monthly activity report to the team leader and deputy team leader. 

The applicants are requested to send their CV at

Job Overview
Information Technology
Full Time
10+ years
Please check vacancy details
04 Oct, 17
02 Nov, 17
Terai Region

Special Instructions for Applicants:

We want you to be energetic, enthusiastic employee for our company.

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