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Restless Development is a global agency for youth-led development. We support young people to demand and deliver a just and sustainable world for all. We work to make sure young people have a voice, a living, sexual rights, and are leaders in preventing and solving the world’s challenges.

Restless Development Nepal has been working with young people since 1991 and our work is led by thousands of young people every year. We listen to young people, our work is led by young people, and together we help young people make lasting change in their communities. We are recipient of several international and national awards and we work in formal partnership with Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Restless Development Nepal has signed strategic partnership with UNICEF to implement HAM
SA programme in 18 districts in Nepal. This project largely contribute to the development of the adolescents through improved social and financial skills, enabling them to think critically about their health choices; effective communication, civic participation and financial and livelihood options.

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Apply Before: 03 Nov, 17

Detailed Job Description / Requirements:

Consultancy to develop the Final Evaluation of Abolition of Chhaupadi in the Far- and Mid-Western Regions of Nepal Project

Young people share a restless determination to address the problems that affect them the most.  That’s where we come in. At Restless Development, we’re proud to be the banner carrier for youth-led development, demonstrating from the grassroots to the global policy levels that young people can and must play a lead role in development.  As a result, Restless Development is repeatedly cited as a model of best practice in youth-led development by the World Bank, the UK Department for International Development (DFID), UNICEF, UNAIDS and others.

In Nepal, Restless Development has been working in the youth and adolescents development sector for more than 25 years. It is the recipient of several international and national awards. It works in formal partnership with Ministry of Youth and Sports and in over 35 districts across the country. 

Restless Development Nepal is implementing a project which aims to reduce the incidence of Chhaupadi and other forms of discrimination during menstruation in seven districts (Doti, Dadeldhura, Kailali, Kanchanpur, Accham, Dailekh and Kalikot) of the Far- and Mid-Western Regions of Nepal since January 1, 2015. This consultancy is to develop the final evaluation of the project. This consultancy will provide an assessment of the project implementation and identify and document best practices and lessons learnt. The evaluation will be based on the five evaluation criteria of the OECD (Relevance, Impact, Effectiveness, Efficiency and Sustainability) with special attention to learning and making proposals which may support and improve future actions in the subject and regions. 

This consultancy is expected to be developed by a national or international consultant(s) (with support of a translator/interpreter if necessary). The senior evaluator will be responsible for undertaking the evaluation from start to finish and for managing the evaluation team (if any) under the supervision of Restless Development MEL Unit, for the data collection and analysis, as well as report drafting and finalization in English. (Please find the detailed Terms of Reference here:

Interested applicants are requested to send the below documents to specifying in the subject line ‘Final Evaluation of “Towards abolition of Chhaupadi” Project’. 

  • Name, address and telephone number of the consultant/ Team leader.
  • Consultant(s) CV
  • A list of the previous studies/researches developed by her/him, including the link to be able to review them (if this is already included in the CV, it wouldn’t be necessary to attach it separately).
  • Technical offer
  • Financial proposal (consultancy fees).

Restless Development reserves the right to reject any or all proposals without providing any reason and has no obligation to accept any offer made. Furthermore, proposals not strictly adhering to the conditions may not be considered by Restless Development, whose decision on the matter shall be final.

The CLOSING DATE for bids will be November 3, 2017 at 11.59pm (Nepal time).

Job Overview
Consulting & Professional Services
Full Time
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Please check vacancy details
04 Oct, 17
03 Nov, 17

To apply:

Please note the application procedure mentioned above and apply accordingly.

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