Oxfam in Nepal

Oxfam in Nepal
Oxfam has been working in Nepal since the early 1980s undertaking various development initiatives addressing the poverty and injustice faced by women and other socially and economically excluded groups. The level of Oxfam’s engagement increased substantially after restoration of democracy in 1990 as it became easier for civil society to work in the new political environment.

Over the years, Oxfam has worked in partnership with local civil society organisations and the government to promote rural livelihoods, and vulnerable communities’ resilience to climatic shocks and disasters. It has also significantly contributed to empowering community people, especially women, to; negotiate with people in power, influence decision making processes, claim rights and essential services to whic
h they are entitled, demand accountability on the part of duty bearers and engage larger masses in advocacy efforts. Oxfam also worked closely with UNHCR in providing assistance to Bhutanese refugees during the 1990s.

Oxfam and its long term programme partners believe that the underlying structural causes and drivers of poverty must be addressed if improvements in people’s lives are to be broad and lasting. Poverty is not one-dimensional; nor is it purely local in its causes and solutions. Therefore, Oxfam’s work addresses not only material and technical change, but also the related economic, social, institutional and policy changes which are necessary to end poverty and achieve development and wellbeing.

The Oxfam Nepal Vision is: The people of Nepal are empowered and work together to attain a life of dignity with justice and equal rights for all.

The Overall Nepal Programme Goal is: to improve the well being of vulnerable people through strengthening their participation in development and governance processes and reducing poverty and suffering.

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Detailed Job Description / Requirements:

Call for Expressions of Interest (EOI)

OXFAM, Nepal Earthquake Recovery Porgramme in Nuwakot District


Oxfam is a globally renowned aid and development charity organization with 70 years of experience and has been operating in Nepal since 1984. Together with its long-term development programme, Oxfam has also been implementing Earthquake Response Programnme in Nepal since May 2015 to support the affected people.

Oxfam in Nepal now intends to identify and select potential Not for Profit organisations in Nuwakot District as partners for implementation of the next phase of Earthquake Response Programme starting from 01 April 2017.  This EOI process is the first stage of a multi-stage Request for Application process.

The Project “Nepal Earthquake Recovery Programme in Nuwakot District” goal is “To contribute to a gender responsive sustainable recovery and reconstruction, reducing risk and increasing resilience among vulnerable earthquake affected households”.


The key outcomes of the project are; 

  1. Earthquake affected communities take action to manage and sustain gender sensitive WASH facilities and services (even in time of crisis).
  2. Poor, socially excluded and vulnerable earthquake affected men  and women are able to meet basic needs, restart their livelihood in a sustainable manner and have improved access to services.
  3. Earthquake affected people specially women, men, girls, boys, elderly persons and those living with disabilities have access to sufficient resources in order to avail safer and dignified living spaces. 
  4. Earthquake affected women and men, including vulnerable and marginalized groups live in safe environment and have impartial and equitable access to WASH, EFSVL, Shelter, DRR, Policy and Advocacy including particular attention to women’s meaningful participation, representation at the community level and enhancing women’s leadership in recovery and reconstruction activities.

OXFAM invites not for profit organizations capable of delivering the outcomes described above to submit their expression of interest.


How to Obtain an EOI Guidance Document?

Pick up directly from: Oxfam, Battar, Naya Buspark, Nuwakot 


Send a request to email:   [email protected] 


Who Should Apply?

Not for profit organization registered in Nuwakot, interested in becoming Oxfam’s partner, having past experience of implementing the similar projects and can demonstrate technical, managerial and financial capacity to execute this project, are encouraged to apply.  


Closing date:

Your EOI applications should consist of one electronic and one hard copy, and reach the following address no later than 28th Feb, 2017:

  • OXFAM office, Battar, Naya Buspark, Nuwakot, Nepal 
  • Email: [email protected]



OXFAM is not committed contractually in any way to those applicants whose EOI applications are accepted. OXFAM will not be liable for any costs incurred by applicants through participation in the EOI process. 

We look forward to your participation.

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