Detailed Job Description / Requirements:


A National Level Non Government Organization is seeking application from qualified professionals for following positions 

Positions: Account Officer -1

Job Station: Kathmandu


  • Should ensure  budget control according to the program and staff numbers, taking care of funds to pay bills and salaries of employees, vendors, solutions to program and financial problems with coordination with line managers, 
  • Monitoring reports with accuracy and detail and submitting the timely monthly, quarterly and year end close reports in duly manner as per the deadlines and rules of the donors, Government and concern agency State and District bodies. 
  • Ability to handle internal and external audit, donors monitoring and spot check by concern agencies.
  • Manage to Cheque preparation /direct payment and disbursements in a proper and timely manner.
  • Proper and timely recording of Receipts and timely banking , advances transactions.
  • Filing of all financial documents, records and communications on a daily basis to ensure accuracy and completeness. 
  • Prepare financial statement as per prescribed format.
  • Maintaining records of accounts as archives, good skills of computer software and manual filing systems.


  • The Accounts Officer should possess a Master degree in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration or equivalent, Preferably ACCA.
  • The Account officer should be able to prepare program budget for the respective project and report on the prescribed project reporting format. In coordination with finance and program officers.
  • A minimum of three years experience in a relevant in a relevant field of accounting or Finance in a busy environment and multiple donor supported programs.
  • Computer literacy skills i.e. (word processing and spreadsheets)
  • Trustworthiness, Stress tolerance, good communication and operational decision making skills
  • Ability to share knowledge and experience plus fluency in English
  • Good Interpersonal and good communication skills
  • Willingness to Learn at all times. 


Position: Warden - 1

Job Station: Kathmandu


  • Coordinate care facilities e.g. food, shelter, clothing, education, medical, holidays etc. of the residents (Children, girls, and women) in the Child Protection and Women Rehabilitation Home – Kathmandu.
  • Coordinate and support during intake of survivors of trafficking, rape, domestic violence etc. and children (orphans, abandoned, street children etc.) in the Women Rehabilitation and Child Protection Home respectively
  • Monitor and be update of each of the children inside the home
  • Coordinate to maintain roll-call register on any illness of children/girls/women
  • Consult any serious cases with the Shelter In-charge and the Doctor
  • Consult with the Shelter In-charge and the Doctor about the medicines
  • In times of any emergency, you will have to stay with the patient in the hospital.
  • Co-ordinate with the Shelter In-charge everyday with your work
  • Prepare weekly reports and submit them to the Shelter section
  • Submit everyday report of health status of children/girls/women to the Shelter section
  • You will be asked to go for field visits as and when required
  • You will be asked to do other official work as and when required


  • The Warden should possess a Bachelor's degree in Social work or equivalent.
  • Extensive knowledge of the correctional facility.
  • A minimum of three years experience in a relevant in a relevant field of rehabilitation of children and women in a busy environment. 
  • Knowledge of institutional behavior and psychology.
  • Able to maintain an approachable manner at all times.
  • Trustworthiness, Stress tolerance, good communication and operational decision making skills
  • Willingness to Learn at all times. 


Position: Program Coordinator - 1

Job Station: Chitwan


  • Serve as a principal liaison between the project’s activities in field level and the project implementation office.
  • Assure implementation and monitoring of all field activities and be accountable for ensuring timely results of field activities. 
  • Responsible for all field level operations that includes planning, implementation, monitoring, reporting and evaluation. 
  • Coordinate all field activities efforts in close collaboration with other staff.
  • Supervise other staff working in respected district.  
  • Oversee the coordination of all monitoring and evaluation (M&E) activities from project office to field level in co-ordination with Monitoring and Evaluation officer. 
  • Provide brief updates to the programme co-ordinator to relay project progress, problems and proposed solutions.  
  • Monitor program/project activities for effectiveness of programme.  
  • Develop relationships, and liase, with project partners.
  • Strengthen public relations work for Maiti Nepal through talks, conferences, and meetings at local levels. 
  • Monitor expenditures incurred in the field level and provide details of expenditures incurred to the project accountant.
  • Prepare field reports and submit it to programme co-ordinator regularly. 
  • Ensure that all field activities reports are maintained accurately.


  • Graduate in Humanities/Social Work or any other related fields with three years work experiences. 
  • Strong coordination skill and liaising capacity with the work group and other related parties.
  • Frequent field visits, prepare various reports, knowledge in financial back stropping, essential computer knowledge such as word processing, excel, power point et. 
  • Good skill in report writing is essential. 
  • Good command in English and Nepali (Speaking and writing).
Job Overview
Development / Administrative
Full Time
Please check vacancy details.
Please check vacancy details
04 May, 17
03 Jun, 17
Kathmandu and Chitwan

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