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Job Units:

Companies can post jobs or educational or training opportunities on by purchasing posting units. A posting unit is one posting for a period of 30 days. If you wish to post a job or other posting for longer than 30 days, you will have to purchase additional unit(s). Postings of less than 30 days will still be a single unit, "left over" days will not be carried forward. Purchased units must be used within one year of purchase. We are trying to keep the system simple!

Resume Units:

Companies can now access the Resume Database on by purchasing Resume Access units. One unit is one month unlimited access for any category of Resume database.

Resume access is accomplished in 2 steps:
1) purchasing the access unit{s} and
2) activating the access unit(s). This process allows you to purchase resume access now and activate the access for use later, whenever you like.

If you have an active job posting, you can also search the resume database for the period that the job is active.


Regular/Normal Job Posting
1 Unit: Rs. 1000 per unit
2 Units: Rs. 950 per unit (5% Discount)
3-5 Units: Rs. 900 per unit (10% Discount)
6-10 Units: Rs. 850 per unit (15% Discount)
More than 10 units: Rs. 800 per unit (20% Discount)

Hot Job Posting
1 Unit: Rs. 2000 per unit
2 Units: Rs. 1900 per unit (5% Discount)
3-5 Units: Rs. 1800 per unit (10% Discount)
6-10 Units: Rs. 1700 per unit (15% Discount)
More than 10 units: Rs. 1600 per unit (20% Discount)

Resume Access
1 Unit: Rs. 1000 per unit
2 Units: Rs. 950 per unit (5% Discount)
3-5 Units: Rs. 900 per unit (10% Discount)
6-10 Units: Rs. 850 per unit (15% Discount)
More than 10 units: Rs. 800 per unit (20% Discount)

Our units are cheaper the more you purchase at one time. All prices are subject to 13% VAT.

Rates may be changed at any time, but units already purchased will remain valid if prices are changed later. All prices are in Nepali Rupees.

Unit expiry:

Purchased units can be used anytime from the date of purchase. All paid job postings will be valid for 30 days and for the Resume Access units, One unit is one month unlimited access for any category of Resume database.

Time to pay:

All posting companies will have to pay for the unit purchases by within one week (5 business days) of the purchase. If payment is not made in full within 5 business days, the company will lose their credit with, and can not use their further units either to post jobs or search the resume database.

Payment type: can accept payments in cash or by cheque (in NRs), or by Credit card (in US dollars). Cash and Check direct deposits to our bank account is acceptable as well (see Payment Options under My Accounts in the links on the left). We are exploring further payment methods. We welcome your suggestions.

Maintaining your credit with

If you are newly registered with you can purchase and prepare jobs listings for posting, but all postings will remain pending until payment is received, at which point the job listing will be activated. We urge you to pay promptly to obtain credit with Companies with credit can post jobs/ access resume database immediately upon purchasing, before they have paid - they will have one week to complete payment. If you do not pay within one week, your job postings/ resume access units will be inactivated, and your credit status will be set to "no credit". Further posting units will only be available after you have made payment. This is big hassle for you (and for us!) so please maintain your credit with us by paying promptly when you purchase units!

Look here for more information in the coming weeks as we continue to develop this system.

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SJVN Arun-3 Power Development Company ( P ) Limited

Company Secretary

Development Exchange Centre-Nepal

District Project Coordinator

Bent Ray Technologies


Eagle Vision IT

Front End Developer


Project Manager

Search Education

Digital Marketing Intern

ProgressSoft Corporation

Java Developers - Dubai

Online Multimedia Pvt Ltd

DOT Net Developer | PHP Developer

LIS Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (Sister Concern of Yomari Group of Companies)


International Friendship Children Hospital Pvt. Ltd

Assistant Admin Officer

Nimble Infosys Private Limited

Software Developer ASP.NET (C#)

The Temple Pvt. Ltd.

Interior Designer

Nepal Public Health Foundation

Admin and Finance Officer (Programme Associate)

Codyssey Web Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Ruby on Rails Developer

International Medical Corps Nepal


Pioneer Associate Pvt. Ltd.

Mid-Level Developer

Voice Of Children

Project Officer

Verscend Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (f.k.a Verisk Information Technologies Pvt.Ltd.)

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Shiran Technologies

IOS Developer

HelpAge International Nepal


Nepal Association of the Hard of Hearing (NAHOH)

Teacher for Ear Care awareness

Rigo Technologies Private Limited

Software Engineer ASP.NET (C#) - 11 Nos Direct Recruitment Service


Seelogic International

Web Developer

Fusemachines Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (Prev. Parakhi)

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PHP Programmer


Java Developer

Siddhi M. Foundation / Siddhi M. Hospital

Medical Laboratory Technologist

Que Pay Private Limited

Marketing Intern

Around Good People

Cook (Caterer) cum Caretaker

SWS Pvt. Ltd

PHP Developers

Swotah Travel and Adventure

Senior Tour Executive

Ads Market (P) Ltd.

Graphic Designer